7 Stores That Match — or Beat — Amazon Prices

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The next time you go shopping, keep your phone handy. It might save you a bundle.

The following retailers will match — or beat — the prices of online competitors such as Amazon. That is even true in these retailers’ brick-and-mortar stores.

So whenever you shop at any of the following stores, take out your phone and check whether Amazon sells the item you want to buy. If Amazon sells it for less, simply display your phone with Amazon’s price on the screen before checking out.

Keep in mind that these retailers will generally only match the prices of products sold directly by Amazon, not those sold by a third party on Amazon’s website.

1. Bed Bath & Beyond

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Here’s how Bed Bath & Beyond explains its Price Match Promise:

“We will match prices from our local retail competitors (including their online prices) and from major online retailers (Prices are not matched for marketplace sellers).”

Now, you cannot get a price match for an item and use one of Bed Bath & Beyond’s famous coupons for the same item. But the retailer will let you use whichever option gives you the lower price.

Bed Bath & Beyond will also accept manufacturer coupons in combination with price matches. But it’s important to read the details here:

“We will accept a manufacturer’s coupon with a price match in-store. However, any coupon that is issued from a retailer or brand that also has retail stores may not be used as it is considered a competitor’s coupon, not a manufacturer’s coupon.”

Bonus: Bed Bath & Beyond’s return policy is as shopper-friendly as its price-matching policy — we cite the former in “15 Stores With the Best Return Policies.”

2. Best Buy

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Under its Price Match Guarantee, Best Buy matches the prices of Amazon and several other online retailers that sell tech products.

My husband has taken advantage of Best Buy’s guarantee numerous times. He finds it especially handy when he can’t bear to wait for Amazon to ship a gadget or game. Instead, he just drives to our local Best Buy store, displays an Amazon price on his phone and walks out with his item the same day for the same price he would have paid on Amazon.

As a bonus, Best Buy has a noteworthy loyalty program, as we detail in “10 Retailers That Give You Rewards on Every Purchase.”

3. Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick's Sporting Goods store
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Dick’s price-match policy is as straightforward as it is accommodating. The retailer explains:

“The Dick’s Sporting Goods Best Price Guarantee means we won’t be beat by a qualifying retailer’s price offered in their store or on their website. You’ll always get the lowest price and collect ScoreCard points on the biggest brands and latest styles.”

ScoreCard is Dick’s free loyalty program, which also made our list in “10 Retailers That Give You Rewards on Every Purchase.”

4. Fry’s Electronics

Fry's Electronics
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Fry’s 30-Day Price Match Promise is similar to the price-match policy of its competitor Best Buy — but it’s better.

Fry’s not only will match but also beat competitor prices in certain situations. For example, if you buy something from Fry’s and find it for less at a competitor within 30 days of purchase, Fry’s will give you a 110% refund.

5. J.C. Penney

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J.C. Penney offers a price-match guarantee for any retailer’s in-store or online prices. J.C. Penney even honors this policy on Black Friday, while other stores’ price-match policies often include blackout dates.

What’s more, you can use coupons when taking advantage of J.C. Penney’s price-match guarantee. The retailer explains:

“All eligible coupons and discounts, including employee discounts, will be applied after the price match is made.”

6. Staples

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Staples stores will match Amazon’s prices at the time of purchase, but not afterward. According to the retailer:

“If you find a lower price on a new identical item, just show us the lower price when you buy the item at a Staples store and we’ll match the price. If you purchase an item from Staples store and tell us within 14 days that you found that item at a lower price in our stores or at staples.com, we’ll refund the difference.”

7. Target

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Per Target’s price match policy, stores will match the prices of Amazon and about two dozen other online competitors. You can request a price match at the time of purchase — or, if you later find a lower price, within 14 days of the purchase.

My household has used Target’s policy numerous times, to match the prices of both Target.com and Amazon.

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