7 Tips to Sell Your House Faster With Home Staging

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If you’re getting ready to sell your home, you probably want it to attract many buyers and sell for the best possible price.

The secret to making your home appeal to a wider audience is all in the home staging.

These home staging tips will help give your property the advantage over other homes on the market.

1. Start Early

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The biggest mistake most people make when staging their own home is thinking they can get it all done in a weekend. But in most cases, home staging actually takes a couple of weeks.

Many of the tasks such as cleaning, packing and painting are things you can do yourself, but they can take quite a bit of time, especially if you have a job and family to balance as well.

2. Declutter

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Decluttering is an absolute must when you’re preparing a home for sale. A house full of clutter is a sure-fire way to turn off potential buyers. Clutter makes a home feel smaller and poorly kept.

Clutter will also leave your listing photos looking less than stellar. Most buyers are shopping for homes online, and if you don’t have great photos, your house won’t stand out among the competition.

3. Get Packing

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Since you’re going to be moving anyway, why not start packing early? Even though clothes and furniture aren’t considered clutter, the less stuff you have in your home, the bigger and more open it will appear.

Pack away out-of-season clothes and extra linens, so closets are no more than half full. An overflowing closet makes it seem like there isn’t enough storage in the home. You can also remove any pieces of furniture that aren’t used regularly to open up floor space and create better flow.

4. Clean

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The easiest way to make your home appeal to more buyers is to clean it until every inch shines. No matter what age your home is, a clean home always appears well-maintained. Start at the top and work your way down to ensure you leave no smear, smudge, or scuff behind.

Sweep cobwebs away from ceilings and doorways, wash the windows, scrub the walls and baseboards, make appliances shine, and clean the floors. Pay special attention to high-traffic areas like hallways and entryways and around door handles and light switches.

5. Give Each Room a Purpose

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When staging your home for sale, each room should have an obvious purpose. Buyers have a hard time visualizing how they would use an empty room, but by giving each space a purpose, you can help them picture themselves in the home.

Talk to your real estate agent about what’s selling in your area, and then stage accordingly. Maybe an extra bedroom is most important in a family-focused neighborhood, but a home office might be a big seller in an urban core.

Try to avoid dual-purpose rooms that don’t make sense, like a computer on the dining room table.

6. Paint

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Paint is a home stager’s secret weapon. A fresh coat of paint in the right color can instantly make a home look decades newer. Choose an on-trend, light neutral color and carry it throughout the house to make everything look fresh and current.

Be sure to paint any bright or boldly colored rooms since many buyers will see that as work that has to be done.

If your walls are already a light, neutral color, a quick touch-up to cover any scuffs will do the trick. And don’t forget to paint the trim! If your walls are in good shape, just painting the trim will make everything look new.

7. Let the Light In

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A dark and gloomy home is always a tough sell. Fill your home with as much light as possible to let buyers see all the wonderful features it has to offer. Clean all windows and remove any heavy drapes or blinds that block light. When staging a home, you really only need curtains on windows where privacy is a concern.

You should also take down and clean the glass on all light fixtures and replace any burned-out bulbs so every room is as bright as possible. Also, when showing the house or having photos taken, be sure to leave all the lights on.

With a bit of effort and some insider know-how, you can use these home staging tips to make your property stand out from the competition.

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