9 Ways to Pay Less for Baby-Sitting

All parents need some time away from their darlings, but the cost of child care can be daunting. These money-saving strategies will help you get out the door.

1. Make the most of on-site day care services

Robert Kneschke / Shutterstock.comRobert Kneschke / Shutterstock.com

Somewhere, someone has pressed the caps lock key and is getting ready to tell us how unethical it would be to take advantage of on-site baby-sitting services such as those offered by your local gym, book club or Bible study group.

Back up there, bucko. I agree.

On-site child care is there for a specific reason. For instance, at gyms it’s included in your membership fee so you can exercise, not so you can drop off your children five days a week.

That said, I don’t think there is anything wrong with working out and then spending a little time returning emails or paying bills before collecting your little ones. Just stay on-site and keep your time reasonable — 15 minutes sounds good, if you ask me.

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