Americans Name Their Top 8 Financial Goals for 2022

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A new year offers a fresh start for all of us. Many Americans are looking at 2022 as a chance to achieve some long-cherished financial goals.

In a recent survey of around 2,000 U.S. adults — the 2022 Wealth & Wellness Index from retirement services provider Empower and hybrid wealth manager Personal Capital — respondents revealed their top financial goals for the new year.

The survey found that many people are prioritizing financial goals over lifestyle goals, although exercising more and losing weight were also cited by many of those polled. Following are the top financial hopes for Americans this year.

8. Retiring early (tie)

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Respondents who consider this a top goal: 8%

Many of us spend decades dreaming of early retirement. But 8% of survey respondents want to turn those visions into reality this year.

Hoping to join them soon? Then don’t wait to start taking the steps needed to leave the workforce early.

8. Funding higher education (tie)

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Respondents who consider this a top goal: 8%

A college education is notoriously expensive. So, whether you plan to finance your own schooling or those of your children or grandchildren, the time to start saving is now.

To learn more, check out “How to Pay for College: 5 Strategies and Tips.”

6. Getting a new job

When passion connects with skills and experience, you're set for your best chance of being effective in a new job.
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Respondents who consider this a top goal: 11%

The “Great Resignation” is underway, with millions of workers quitting their jobs to pursue new work or other paths.

Today, it seems more people than ever before are hoping to work from home. Money Talks News partner FlexJobs lists the best remote and flexible jobs available now.

5. Buying a house

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Respondents who consider this a top goal: 14%

Owning a home is a key part of the American Dream. While homes have gotten more expensive in recent years, you can help tame those costs by choosing the right home loan.

So stop by the Money Talks News Solutions Center and search for the best mortgage rates.

4. Getting a new car

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Respondents who consider this a top goal: 17%

Thanks to parts and chip shortages linked to supply chain woes, new and used car prices have shot higher over the past couple of years.

Those high prices aren’t discouraging the 17% of survey respondents who want a new ride in 2022. One way to cut the cost of car ownership is to rent out your vehicle when you are not using it. Platforms such as Turo can help you do just that.

For more information, check out “$30,000 a Month? Car Owners Use This to Get Rich as Rental Rates Soar.”

3. Building an emergency fund

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Respondents who consider this a top goal: 31%

From the financial crisis to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all learned that an emergency can strike when we least expect it. Having some money saved can make hard times much easier to bear.

For that reason, you should consider joining the 31% of survey respondents who are making it a priority to build an emergency fund in 2022.

2. Saving for retirement

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Respondents who consider this a top goal: 36%

Retirement always seems so far away when you are young. But the years fly by, and it is easy to be caught unprepared when our golden years arrive.

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1. Paying off personal debt

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Respondents who consider this a top goal: 37%

Those who live in the land of the “Red, White and Blue” too often end up awash in that first color — which leaves us feeling like the last hue.

Fortunately, it’s never too late to turn things around. More than one-third of survey respondents hope to ditch their debt this year. If you want to follow their lead, stop by the Money Talks News Solutions Center and find free, expert debt help.

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