Avoid These Dead-End Careers: 7 Jobs That Ask Too Much and Pay Too Little

There are many jobs that are OK to start out in but offer little opportunity for advancement. If you can't avoid one of these, save your money and be alert for something else.

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No one can object to starting out at the bottom and working their way up, but there are some “dead-end” jobs that have little or no upward mobility.

As our economy evolves, some jobs are being be phased out as viable career choices. When selecting a path to follow it’s important to make sure you pick one that can take you someplace you can grow financially. If there is no room for advancement or better pay, you’re better off doing something else. Career website Zippia defines dead-end jobs as professions that offer few or no pay hikes, little chance of learning new skills, little opportunity for promotion and high turnover. What follows are seven jobs in which the demands often outweigh the benefits.


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