Best Cellphone Plans for Seniors in 2023

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One of the perks of retirement is how much life gets easier. Gone are the days of endless work calls, texts, and emails after business hours.

Since your cellphone needs may have changed, you might be in the market for a new phone plan.

We’ve researched the best cellphone plans for your specific needs as you enter retirement and categorized them based on what you prioritize the most.

Best traditional provider plan for 55+: T-Mobile

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If you want a senior plan with a traditional mobile provider, T-Mobile is your best option — and you only have to be 55 to qualify.

In fact, T-Mobile is one of the few traditional cellphone providers with specific plans for seniors across the entire United States.

T-Mobile has several age 55 and above plans. We’ll review the three cheapest ones here: the Essentials 55+ Plan, the Magenta 55+ Plan, and the Go 5G 55 plan.

All prices are for plans set up with autopay. (Prices were accurate at the time of publication but can change.)

The T-Mobile Essentials 55+ plan

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The Essentials 55+ plan starts at $40 per month for one line or $55 for two, plus taxes and fees. The plan includes:

  • 50 GB of premium data, where you are prioritized higher than customers who are heavy data users. Once you have used that data, you are prioritized lower than other customers and you may notice lower speeds in times and places with network congestion.
  • Unlimited 4G LTE data
  • A 3G mobile hotspot.
  • Unlimited talking, texting (including texting in more than 215 countries abroad), and unlimited talk, text, and data at up to 128Kbps in Canada and Mexico.
  • International calls cost 25 cents per minute in more than 215 countries.

The T-Mobile Magenta 55+ plan

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The Magenta 55+ plan costs $50 per month for a single line or $70 for two lines with autopay. This plan offers everything the Essentials 55+ plan does plus:

  • Taxes and fees are included in the price
  • 100GB of premium data (see note in the previous section)
  • Unlimited 5G & 4G LTE with the included 100GB of premium data
  • 5GB of high-speed mobile hotspot data included. Unlimited mobile hotspot data at max 3G speeds after 5GB.
  • For travelers, four full-flight streaming sessions a year, plus unlimited in-flight texting and one hour of streaming, where available.
  • While abroad, you also get up to 5GB of high-speed data in 11 countries, then unlimited data at up to 256Kbps in 215+ countries and destinations. In Canada and Mexico, get unlimited talk and text, and up to 5GB of high-speed data, then unlimited data at up to 128kbps.
  • A one-year AAA membership
  • A basic Netflix plan on one mobile device (for two-line subscribers only)

The T-Mobile Go5G 55 Plan

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The Go5G 55 plan is $55 per month for one line and $80 for two. Compared with the Magenta 55+ plan, additional benefits include:

  • 15GB of high-speed mobile hotspot data, with unlimited mobile hotspot data at max 3G speeds after 15GB
  • In Mexico and Canada, unlimited talk and text, and up to 10GB of high-speed data, then unlimited data at up to 128kbps

Best senior services: Lively

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If you aren’t interested in all the frills of traditional cellphone plans but want a plan catered specifically to the needs of seniors, then Lively may be the best option for you.

Lively offers a smartphone and flip phone option, with plans modified to the specific device.

The Unlimited Talk & Text plan starts at $19.99 per month and, as you might expect, provides unlimited minutes and texts.

Smartphone users may also choose an additional data plan, ranging from $5 to $30 per month.

Best discount plan: Mint Mobile

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If you’re tired of going to physical cellphone stores or committing to long-term cellphone contracts, Mint Mobile may be for you.

Phone plans with Mint come in three-, six-, or 12-month durations. The more months customers purchase, the more money they can save. Mint is currently offering a three-month trial offer with unlimited talk, text, and data at $15 per month. After three months, customers can purchase a 12-month plan to lock in the rate.

The Mint55+ plan is currently offering the same new customer deal. With the Mint55+ plan, customers will get unlimited talking and texting throughout the U.S., 5GB of 5G/4LTE data per month, free calls to Mexico and Canada, free mobile hotspots, and free Wi-Fi calling and texting.

Exclusive to Mint 55+ members are the free Mintech Advisors Services, which would typically cost $15. These advisers fully activate the customer’s phone, transfer the customer’s current phone number to their new phone, and cancel and transfer the customer’s cellphone service to Mint.

Customers can purchase most kinds of smartphones with Mint, either in a lump sum payment or in monthly installments with interest. Mint also offers a BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) option to customers who want to keep their current device.

Bottom line

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If you’re in your golden years and looking to save on cellphone costs, there are some unique plans made just for you.

But don’t limit yourself just to senior plans. Also consider general plans that could better meet your overall needs.

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