10 Best Overseas Jobs for Americans

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Did you know that an estimated 9 million Americans live and work overseas? It turns out that making the leap to work in another country isn’t such a wild idea.

If you’ve been dreaming of making that number 9 million and one, now is the perfect time to bring your dream to life.

Whether you’re looking for a fresh start, have a passion for travel, or want a career boost, an international job could be the ideal fit.

Explore the top overseas jobs for Americans to find a role that blends your interests and expertise. Then, ensure you read the best practices outlined below to set yourself up for a successful overseas job search.

It’s possible to work abroad in almost any field. However, it’s easier to find international jobs for Americans in a few targeted fields.

If you’re still narrowing down your international career plan, explore these jobs and ask yourself what aligns with your interests.

1. Bilingual Jobs

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If you’re fluent in Spanish, German, or almost any other language, there are many opportunities to work internationally.

These roles often involve transcription or interpreter services for companies that operate globally, such as customer service jobs or as tour guides in the travel industry.

2. Computer and IT Jobs

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As the world grows more connected, there’s an increased demand for computer and IT professionals, making it easier than ever to work in areas like technical support or computer security while traveling.

Many companies hire international talent to fill these roles, making it an excellent option for American job seekers looking to expand their horizons.

3. Editing Jobs

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If you love language and have an eye for detail, working as an editor could be the perfect international job.

With the focus on online content creation and AI, there is a high demand for editors and proofreaders who can polish writing before audiences see it.

4. Graphic Design Jobs

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From print design to digital design, visually appealing content is needed in every field around the globe.

Not to mention, the growth in cloud-based computing means it’s easier than ever to take your creative tools on the road.

Most graphic design software, like Photoshop, will have the same functionality regardless of the country you’re living in.

5. Internet and E-commerce Jobs

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E-commerce is a booming industry, with companies looking for talented individuals to manage and grow their online presence.

From SEO to web design, you can easily support the online branch of a company’s operations from anywhere.

6. Project Management Jobs

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With the rise of remote work, project management skills have become even more valuable.

As companies expand globally, they need professionals who can successfully manage projects across different time zones and cultures.

7. Sales Jobs

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Sales professionals often work remotely, making it an excellent option for job seekers looking to work internationally.

Companies across the globe need talented sales representatives who can help them expand into new markets and increase revenue. If one of their target markets is the U.S., your native culture can be a great asset.

8. Software Development Jobs

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Software development is an in-demand skill that can easily be done remotely. Companies constantly seek talented software developers to create and maintain their online presence.

Proficiency in specific programming languages, such as Python or Ruby on Rails, can ensure you’re marketable worldwide.

9. Translation Jobs

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Language skills are highly desirable in the global job market. As companies expand into new countries, they need translators to help them communicate with their international clients and customers.

10. Writing Jobs

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Writing jobs are also sought after in the international job market. With the rise of digital marketing and online content, companies across the globe are constantly seeking talented writers.

10 Companies Hiring Now for Overseas Jobs

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Many Fortune 500 companies are multinational, making it easy to create career momentum with the same employer while you’re living abroad.

However, if you’re starting fresh, consider these companies that post overseas jobs.

1. Airwallex

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Airwallex is a financial services company that has developed a “global financial platform for modern businesses.” Explore job openings in locations ranging from Asia to Australia.

2. Algolia

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Algolia builds tools to help developers and product teams integrate consumer-grade search experiences into their mobile apps and websites.

Along with U.S. offices, the company has offices in France and the United Kingdom.

3. Chainlink Labs

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Chainlink Labs is an internet company on a mission to develop smart contracts. The company offers a variety of flexible work options, including work-from-anywhere roles.

4. Fanatics

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Fanatics operates over 300 online and offline stores, including e-commerce business units for major media brands, collegiate sports teams, and professional sports teams.

5. Fluence Energy

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Fluence Energy sells and designs energy storage products and services and cloud-based renewables and storage software. Discover openings in countries ranging from Germany to Australia.

6. HubSpot

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HubSpot is the force behind the industry-leading inbound marketing and sales platform.

HubSpot has offices worldwide and provides software, support, and services to clients in over 90 countries.

7. Interactive Advisors

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Interactive Advisors is a FinTech company whose digital platform allows customers to manage investment portfolios with low minimums and low fees.

Positions are available in locations from India to Japan.

8. Iron Mountain

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Iron Mountain provides information storage and management services.

The company recruits associates based in the United States and internationally for a wide assortment of positions, ranging from warehouse staffers to executive roles.

9. Nielsen

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Nielsen is a global performance management, information, and measurement company.

With both U.S. and international headquarters, Nielsen maintains a presence in 100 countries worldwide.

10. Veeva

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Veeva is a leading provider of cloud-based software and services for the life sciences industry. In addition to its California headquarters, the company maintains offices in seven countries.

How to Find Jobs Abroad for Americans

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Finding a job abroad as an American is easier than you think. Use these tips to start mapping out your international job search strategy.

1. Settle on Your Job or Career Field

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You should expect to continue growing your career while working overseas. Expat jobs can contribute significantly to your professional development and long-term career goals.

However, the career discovery stage is not an ideal time to be working overseas. Map out how the demand for your skill set will affect your choice of countries, along with where your target roles are most prevalent.

Understanding the employment landscape and job market trends helps you make informed decisions. There can be cultural nuances and regulatory aspects that affect your ability to work in specific fields or locations.

For example, teaching abroad requires a bachelor’s degree in some markets, while others simply require certification.

Ensure you fully research the restrictions and possibilities for each destination you’re interested in working from.

2. Decide Which Country You Want to Work In

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Targeting a particular country is the ideal way to begin your work adventure abroad.

Even if you decide to become a digital nomad and move about while working, making your first overseas experience as smooth as possible is wise.

Start by considering countries with robust job markets in your field to significantly increase your chances of getting a job. Otherwise, you risk landing overseas and realizing the job market is too tight to make a living.

Also, researching remote work locations and choosing where you’ll settle ensures you have realistic salary expectations before you find yourself struggling financially in a strange location.

3. Apply for a Work Visa or Work Permit

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In most countries, employers can only hire you if you have a work visa. Many countries now offer a digital nomad visa, but you’ll need to verify the regulations around how long you can work in each location.

Also, visas typically have processing periods, so applying early is wise.

Each country will have different fees and paperwork requirements.

Applying with ample time for processing ensures you’re near your home base and have access to any of the records and paperwork you might be asked for.

4. Search for Open Jobs

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Once you have your destination in mind and you understand the work visa process, start applying for jobs.

Leverage specialized job boards and websites that cater to international employment opportunities or work-from-anywhere jobs, like the one at FlexJobs.

If you haven’t already, start building your network to help you tap into the hidden job market in your new country.

Maintain an up-to-date LinkedIn profile and social media presence so hiring managers in other time zones can quickly get a feel for your goals and expertise.

5. Customize and Localize Your Job Search Docs

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Proficiency in the local language can significantly impact the effectiveness of your documents.

If you still need to become fluent in the target language, having a professional translate your documents for you is worth the investment.

Familiarize yourself with the cultural nuances and business practices of your target country.

By gaining insights into the local work culture, communication styles, and professional etiquette, you can tailor your application documents to show that you understand and respect the culture.

5 Tips for Working Abroad

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Once you’ve found a job, secured your visa, and prepared for cultural differences, it’s time to start working abroad.

1. Keep Time Zones in Mind

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Specifying dates, times, and any relevant time zone preferences in all of your correspondence prevents confusion and ensures you don’t miss any essential meetings.

This is especially true if you’re the only one working overseas and the rest of your team is still in the States.

Be mindful of the expectations for when you’re available, and consider verifying in a 24-hour format so you don’t miss team meetings or client updates.

2. Work to Overcome Language Barriers

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Work will get a lot easier when you can communicate seamlessly. Consider enrolling in language courses and practicing with local language experts before you move.

Once you’re abroad, immerse yourself in the local language and culture. Be open to learning, and actively seek opportunities to practice your language skills.

This will help you communicate effectively at work and make building relationships with colleagues and clients easier.

3. Educate Yourself on Customs and Culture

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Working in a different country means adapting to a new culture, which may have different norms and expectations in the workplace.

Look for LinkedIn groups or other expats to learn about cultural differences in your target country.

For example, some cultures value direct communication, while others might view it as aggressive. In some countries, having a drink at an evening business meeting is acceptable, while in others it’s frowned upon.

Understanding cultural nuances can help you better navigate your new work dynamics and build strong working relationships.

4. Research Local Work Laws

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It’s essential to familiarize yourself with the local laws and regulations. You need to acquaint yourself with things like standard working hours, pay and benefits, and employee rights.

Be mindful of any potential cultural differences in work practices as well. For example, some countries may have stricter attitudes about punctuality or breaks during the workday.

Also, be mindful of how long your work visa is valid. Leave plenty of time to seek a renewal or relocate if you’re required to leave the country.

5. Actively Work to Integrate Yourself

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Aside from language and cultural differences, every workplace has a unique company culture. Be open to learning about and adapting to your new team.

You’ll likely find that most of your new teammates are happy to answer questions and help you navigate the changes.

Observe how members of the local team interact with one another and follow their lead. Ask questions and actively participate in team activities or social events.

Intentionally interacting with others will help you integrate into the company culture and build relationships with your new team.

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