Buying a Home? Check Out How Friendly the Neighbors Are in These 20 Cities First

If you're making a move in 2019, will it be to a city where everyone knows your name?

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If you’re in the market for a home, don’t underestimate the importance of friendly neighbors. Being on good terms with the folks next door means a chance to share resources, swap baby-sitting and make lifelong friendships.

Polling company YouGov surveyed a sample of residents from 20 major U.S. metro areas in its 2018 Citybus poll.

YouGov asked respondents two sets of two questions:

  • One concerned friendliness: Respondents were deemed friendly if they reported spending time with neighbors regularly or were friendly with them although they don’t spend much time together. They were deemed unfriendly if they knew neighbors’ names “but that’s about it,” or didn’t know them at all.
  • A second set of questions concerned whether the people polled trusted their neighbors.

We report the results below by listing the rankings of the 20 cities studied from least-friendly to the friendliest. The percentages shown may not add up to 100 percent, since small percentages of respondents didn’t know an answer, or had no neighbors.

See if you can guess which major city is friendliest of all.


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