10 Companies Hiring for Flexible and Remote Music Jobs

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Are you a musician looking for a flexible job that blends your love of music with the flexibility you crave? Maybe you need a traditional job that helps pay the bills while you build your side hustle.

Or, perhaps you’re a musician looking to create a better work-life balance that leaves time for your personal craft.

Most flexible jobs in music require a blend of creativity, discipline, and adaptability, or at least an eagerness to develop these traits.

And as a musician balancing work and art, you can gain experience and skills that can lead to roles in areas like music production, sound engineering, and event management. And those are just a few ideas.

If you’re ready to explore flexible jobs in the music industry, we’ve gathered a list of companies offering flexible jobs for musicians.

1. Brooklyn Academy of Music – BAM

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Established in 1861, the Brooklyn Academy of Music — BAM is a continuously operating performing arts center known for its diverse programming that caters to local, national, and international communities.

2. Fender

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A company fueled by diversity, respect, and passion, Fender has been a global cultural icon for over six decades. The musical instrument maker, distributor and marketer strives to exceed the expectations of music enthusiasts everywhere.

3. iHeartMedia

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The nation’s largest and farthest-reaching media firm, iHeartMedia connects over a quarter of a billion listeners monthly to its more than 850 broadcast radio stations.

4. Kobalt Music Group

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Kobalt Music Group is a mission-driven company that gives artists greater creative freedom, power, and ownership.

5. Musixmatch

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Established in 2010, Musixmatch is a music data company focused on enriching the global music experience by providing an expansive catalog of song lyrics and translations.

6. Output Inc.

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Output Inc. is a software company creating innovative solutions for the music industry by fostering new concepts, sounds, and sources of inspiration for music creators globally.

7. Splice Music

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Splice Music helps musicians get their creativity flowing through a platform to connect with each other, get gear, and find sounds.

8. Spotify

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Spotify is a Swedish company founded in 2008 that provides music, comedy, podcast, and streaming services directly from the cloud.

9. StubHub

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A global ticket marketplace, StubHub is a subsidiary of eBay that facilitates buying and selling live event tickets across more than 40 countries.

10. Warner Music Group

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Warner Music Group is a global company dedicated to artist and songwriter success throughout various sectors, like recorded music, publishing, and artist services.

Common Flexible Jobs for Musicians

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Flexible work is constantly evolving, which is great news for musicians seeking to balance their art with flexible work and a steady income.

Technological advances, such as artifical intelligence (AI) integration, are creating change faster than ever and are opening up a rich variety of roles.

Many music jobs are involved in the operational side of the music industry, but you might find your career fit working behind the scenes in a more traditional role, such as marketing, sales, or customer service.

The possibilities are endless, from supporting another musician’s vision to bringing music content to life by editing music videos.

Whether looking for part-time, freelance, or fully remote work, you’ll find roles that blend your creative instincts with your technical skills.

Flexible Careers in Music

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These job titles represent just a fraction of flexible careers in music for you to consider:

  • Assistant Creative Director
  • Coordinator, Copyright
  • Creative Designer
  • Editor, Music & Culture
  • Gear Adviser
  • Junior Video Producer
  • Music Royalty Analyst
  • Music Teacher
  • Sound Design Specialist

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