30 Companies Hiring for Part-Time Remote Jobs

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Business woman working remotely and using her computer for an online meeting, video call.
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Editor's Note: This story originally appeared on FlexJobs.com.

People seek part-time, work-from-home jobs for all kinds of reasons.

Some want the freedom and flexibility that part-time work allows. Other people need to balance outside responsibilities with work. And sometimes people want to work, but not all the time, and prefer to have a remote side hustle.

Recently, we analyzed online, part-time job postings from our database and identified companies that frequently hire for part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs.

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The following list is based on an analysis of over 50,000 companies in FlexJobs’ database. These companies frequently post jobs with part-time schedules that are either partially or fully remote. “Part-time” in this analysis means the jobs required fewer than 35 hours per week.

1. 11outof11

Young mother working remotely with baby
evrymmnt / Shutterstock.com

11outof11 is an award-winning marketing agency and a woman-owned company whose team is 90% female.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • HubSpot Support Specialist
  • Inbound Marketing Coordinator

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2. Boldly

Happy remote worker
fizkes / Shutterstock.com

Boldly is a premium subscription staffing company that provides clients with talented remote staffers, handling the hiring and ongoing employment on their behalf.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Bilingual Executive Assistant
  • Virtual Executive Assistant

3. Carrot Fertility

Doctor looking thoughtful using a laptop and writing down information
akarapong / Shutterstock.com

Carrot Fertility is a leading global health care company for health plans and employers that helps people on their journeys through pregnancy, fertility, adoption, and more.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Fertility Expert
  • Gestational Surrogacy Medical Expert

4. Carta Healthcare

Doctor talking to a patient via telehealth video call
Fractal Pictures / Shutterstock.com

Carta Healthcare’s team of experts combines insights from a variety of industries to create innovative solutions to common health care challenges.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Clinical Data Abstractor – TVT-LAAO
  • Clinical Data Abstractor – VQI

5. Cornell University

A young Asian woman wears a headset for on online meeting
fizkes / Shutterstock.com

Cornell University is considered both a public and private university because of its partnership with the State University of New York and its membership in the Ivy League.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Course Facilitator – Hospitality Accounting
  • Course Facilitator – Software-Defined Networking – SDN

6. Duolingo

Female doctor on a video conference call
Girts Ragelis / Shutterstock.com

Duolingo has developed the largest online language learning platform in the world, used by more than 100 million people.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • CRM Administrator Data Analyst
  • French Music Consultant

7. Elevate K-12

Young teacher using internet to remotely teach
Timothy Kuiper / Shutterstock.com

Elevate K-12 is an e-learning company that provides innovative educational instruction and products for all schools and students regardless of geography, background, or budget.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • American Sign Language Certified Teacher
  • Middle School Science Teacher

8. Expressable

A young woman in a work-from-home chat job uses a webcam and headset to help customers
fizkes / Shutterstock.com

Expressable provides online speech therapy services and pairs clients with speech therapists that fit their needs.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Speech-Language Pathologist

9. FlexProfessionals

Happy freelance writer
Roman Samborskyi / Shutterstock.com

FlexProfessionals is a privately-held staffing and recruiting firm specializing in flexible work arrangements for seasoned professionals in broad fields, including finance, project management, technical and proposal writing, sales, marketing, office management, public relations, human resources, web development, and graphic design.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Attorney
  • Mobile Device Administrator

10. Foodsmart

Older woman works from home on her laptop
Evgeny Atamanenko / Shutterstock.com

Foodsmart was founded to offer “eating well made simple” and aims to help people control and potentially prevent chronic disease by using food as preventive medicine.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Registered Dietitian
  • Registered Dietitian, Board Certified in Renal Nutrition

11. Hinge Health

Female nurse with smartphone happy about discount
Pixel-Shot / Shutterstock.com

Hinge Health was established in 2014 to help everyday people living with chronic conditions improve their lives.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Pelvic Health Coach, Bilingual-Spanish
  • Physical Therapist

12. Kaplan

Teacher on camera
Hananeko_Studio / Shutterstock.com

Throughout its global operation, Kaplan is committed to helping students achieve their academic goals. With this mission and mindset, the company supports over 1 million students worldwide.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Instructor, Real Estate
  • Medical Instructor

13. LanguageLine Solutions

Worker in a headset
DenisProduction.com / Shutterstock.com

LanguageLine Solutions was established to provide a more effective communication method for non-English speakers.

Today, the company is a leading provider of face-to-face, over-the-phone, and videoconference interpreting and document translation services.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Taiwanese Interpreter
  • Yemeni Arabic Interpreter

14. Latitude

businessman wearing glasses and headset having virtual team meeting on his laptop
Ground Picture / Shutterstock.com

Latitude of Franklin, Tennessee, provides customized placement solutions for expert attorneys to work in consulting, interim, in-sourced, and permanent roles.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Commercial Real Estate Attorney
  • Litigation Attorney

15. Mango Languages

Happy woman studying online with laptop and headphones taking online class
Prostock-studio / Shutterstock.com

Mango Languages provides people all over the world with a wide variety of language learning capabilities.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Language Coach for Mango Summit
  • Live Coach for French

16. ModSquad

Older woman on phone, with computer
goodluz / Shutterstock.com

ModSquad modernizes outsourcing services that “lighten the load of digital engagement” for some of the most prestigious brands in the world.

Clients consult the company to engage, moderate, and support their audiences using its vast network of international, virtual moderators, or “Mods.”

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Customer Support – Dutch Speaking
  • Customer Support – Polish Speaking

17. National University

Woman in a headset on a call
Alejandro Camacho B / Shutterstock.com

National University (NU) is a veteran-founded, military-friendly nonprofit university offering flexible, four-week classes to help busy adult learners earn degrees faster.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Assistant Professor, Director of Student and Bar Success
  • Faculty, Psychology

18. Pathrise

Happy senior man working on his laptop and phone at a remote job.
Evgeny Atamanenko / Shutterstock.com

Pathrise is a professional training and coaching company providing guidance for and uplifting undervalued young professionals and students who are early in their careers and job searching.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Marketing Mentor
  • Product Operations Associate

19. Pearson

Woman working in her office
Inside Creative House / Shutterstock.com

Pearson is a publicly-traded, international learning company offering an extensive range of content, tools, products, and services for educators and learners of all ages.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • English and Composition Scorers
  • Language Scorer

20. Robert Half International

Senior worker working remotely on laptop in kitchen or home office
Jacob Lund / Shutterstock.com

Robert Half International is a global professional staffing and consulting firm comprised of several divisions: Robert Half Finance & Accounting, Robert Half Legal, Robert Half Technology, OfficeTeam, and The Creative Group.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Email Marketing Manager
  • Public Senior Accountant

21. SteadyMD

Senior woman using telehealth services
JPC-PROD / Shutterstock.com

SteadyMD is a health care provider and tech company that provides telehealth consumer experiences for clinicians, consumers, employers, and digital health companies.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Telehealth Nurse Practitioner, Weight Loss Management Program
  • Urgent Care Nurse Practitioner

22. StudyPoint

Woman working on a laptop at home
fizkes / Shutterstock.com

StudyPoint was established in 1999 to give families a better choice in learning centers.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Online Computer Science Tutor
  • Online Social Studies Tutor

23. Talkspace

Female psychologist or psychiatrist
AnnaStills / Shutterstock.com

Talkspace is a rapidly expanding startup company that provides confidential, affordable online therapy services from professional, licensed therapists.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Therapist

24. TELUS International

Confident man at work
Ground Picture / Shutterstock.com

A world leader in language translation and localization services, TELUS International offers content and testing, global marketing, machine intelligence, multilingual websites, and engineering services.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Internet Safety Evaluator – Tamil
  • Media Search Analyst – Japanese

25. Tetra Tech

Data entry on a laptop
baranq / Shutterstock.com

Tetra Tech is a global provider of consulting, technical, and engineering services and employs a diverse team of scientists, engineers, construction professionals, and information technology experts.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Partnerships Incubator – Editor, Consultant
  • Partnerships Incubator – Website Data Entry Consultant

26. Twinkl

Elderly woman working on her laptop
Lopolo / Shutterstock.com

Twinkl is an educational publishing company offering award-winning teaching, planning, and assessment resources made by teachers for teachers to support learning from birth through adulthood.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Content Writer – Editor
  • Educational Marketing Manager

27. Varsity Tutors

Woman working remotely helping others
insta_photos / Shutterstock.com

Varsity Tutors, a Nerdy company, is a nationally recognized company connecting students with personalized tutoring services in both academic and test prep subject areas.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • ARDMS Tutor
  • NAPLEX Exam Tutor

28. Vida Health

senior woman in a headset working at home office on a laptop.
nimito / Shutterstock.com

Vida Health is a health care technology company offering “virtual care for mental and physical health” to empower people to transform their lives, improve their health, and take control of their wellness.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Health Guide Engagement Representative
  • Licensed Bilingual Therapist

29. Welocalize

Woman working from home
fizkes / Shutterstock.com

A global translation and localization company, Welocalize helps brands capture business worldwide by reaching, engaging, and growing their international audiences through multilingual content and data transformation.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • English (UK) Language Linguistic QA Tester
  • Search Quality Rater

30. Western Governors University–WGU

smiling woman works on her laptop
insta_photos / Shutterstock.com

Founded in 1997 by the governors of 19 states, Western Governors University–WGU is an accredited online university offering a variety of competency-based degree programs to more than 40,000 students across the U.S.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Adjunct Instructor – Comprehensive Health Assessment
  • Instructor, Prelicensure Clinical

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