Here’s How Much Teachers Earn in Every State

Here’s How Much Teachers Earn in Every State

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Have you ever found yourself musing idealistically, “Gee, maybe I should become a teacher,” and then immediately wondered if you could live on what that job paid?

The median annual wage for elementary school teachers (not including special education teachers) in the United States was $55,800 in May 2016 — enough for one person, perhaps two, depending on where you live. Enough anywhere if you’ve married a hedge fund manager. Teaching our youngest students is definitely a valuable role, but a moneymaker, it is not.

But teacher pay varies considerably by state.

For example, states like New York and Connecticut pay grade school teachers nearly double the average wage of educators in Oklahoma and Mississippi. That’s according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

How does your state rank based on what it pays its elementary school teachers? Here’s the rundown, beginning with the lowest paid:

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