How Much the 25 Biggest U.S. Retailers Pay Workers — and Their CEOs

In stores and fast-food outlets across the country, here's what typical employees and store managers earn and how their pay compares with compensation for top corporate executives.

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The spotlight shines anew on wages in the retail industry with two recent developments.

Amazon announced it would raise its minimum wage to $15, and new federal law requires publicly traded companies to begin reporting the ratio of CEO compensation to the median pay of company employees.

Nearly 16 million people work in the retail trade industry, where the median pay for sales workers is $11.24 an hour, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. The federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, but many companies already pay at least a bit more for starting wages.

Here’s a look at what major U.S. retailers pay their workers in typical jobs, according to pay reports compiled by the job sites Glassdoor and Indeed. Where available, we have also included how much the CEOs at those companies are compensated — including salary, bonuses and other incentives — and, with the help of a Bloomberg online tracker, how that compensation compares with the median pay for workers. The top retailers are ordered by their 2017 sales volume, moving lowest to highest, based on a ranking by the National Retail Federation.

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