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Jim Gold is a reporter and editor who's covered business and personal finance issues since the stock market crash known as Black Monday - October 22, 1987.

Senior woman relaxing
The Top 7 Financial Priorities for Baby Boomers

on August 30, 2021

Workers in this generation are focused on one money goal far more than any other.

Shopper walking past alcohol at Costco
6 Kirkland Signature Items to Avoid at Costco

on August 3, 2021

Even if it seems you save a bundle buying Costco’s Kirkland Signature brand products, they are not always a bargain.

Senior getting scammed
10 Common Ways Seniors Get Scammed

on July 27, 2021

Here’s what to watch for to make sure you don’t fall prey to some of the biggest rip-offs targeting seniors.

Woman with a lot of credit card debt
7 Easy Ways to Stay Out of Debt

on June 23, 2021

It doesn’t take much to slip into debt. These tips will help keep you from falling into the depths of fiscal despair.

Thinking senior woman
9 Social Security Terms Everyone Should Know

on April 20, 2021

How many of these key Social Security concepts do you know?

Stressed senior worried about bills
14 Money Terms to Learn So You Don’t Die Broke

and on February 27, 2021

Want to outlive your money? Ignore these crucial financial concepts.

Retiree in Costa Rica
The 10 Best Countries to Retire Overseas in 2021

on February 22, 2021

The pandemic is a great time to explore the possibilities, whether you dream of retiring among tropical beaches, mountain hideaways or culture-rich cities.

Going out of business sign
10 Iconic Brands That Disappeared and 7 That May Soon Follow

and on October 21, 2020

The pandemic is blamed for pushing familiar U.S. brands into bankruptcy this year.

Black man young happy planning computer laptop
12 Smart Money Moves to Make in October

on October 1, 2020

It’s hard — maybe impossible — to reach goals without planning. National Financial Planning Month is a good time to get started or to make course corrections.

Business closes due to the coronavirus pandemic
15 Major Companies That Filed for Bankruptcy Due to the Pandemic

on August 29, 2020

Unprecedented financial pressure is sending many retailers and restaurants to bankruptcy court. Is your favorite on the list?

Retirees in Portugal
10 Countries Where Retirees Can Live Large and Save Big

on August 6, 2020

Weigh the attractions of these nations offering a happy and fulfilling retirement.

Woman without an air conditioner
How to Build Your Own DIY Air Conditioner in Minutes

on July 27, 2020

This cheap and easy homemade project will help keep you cool all summer. Check out the article and video below.

coronavirus shutdown
4 Types of Economic Damage Experts Predict From COVID-19

on July 9, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has upended lives and livelihoods and will leave long-lasting damage to the U.S. economy, analysts say.

Woman worried about money
9 Ways to Brace Your Finances for the New Recession

and on June 23, 2020

A recession is officially underway. Here’s what you should be doing today.

Retiree overseas
Overseas Retirement: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

on June 2, 2020

Consider these highlights, lowlights and tips from Americans who have done it themselves.

a retiree abroad
The 2 Best Places to Retire Overseas in 2020

on May 11, 2020

These destinations offer affordability, good health care and mild climates.

Unemployed woman
4 Steps to Prepare for an Income Emergency

on April 28, 2020

Many Americans are ill-prepared to deal with financial disruptions. If that’s you, here’s how to turn it around.

How to Get In on Real Estate Investing Even If You Don’t Have Much Money
How to Get In on Real Estate Investing Even If You Don’t Have Much Money

on April 27, 2020

Now you can expand your portfolio beyond typical stocks and bonds and join the wealthy, who long have benefited from investing in real estate.

pot catches fire on stove
16 Tips to Avoid Costly Kitchen Burns While Stuck at Home

on April 24, 2020

Hospitals are seeing more burns during the coronavirus lockdown. Here’s how to stay safe and avoid costly injuries.

Cash in a wallet
Make 24 Times More on Your Savings

on April 15, 2020

This online bank offers a way to build savings at a rate far above the national average.

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