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Jim Gold is a reporter and editor who's covered business and personal finance issues since the stock market crash known as Black Monday - October 22, 1987.

Senior hiking the Appalachian in Great Smoky Mountains National Park
8 of the Best Places to Retire in Tennessee

on February 7, 2024

City vibrancy or country charm, find your golden groove amid the Volunteer State’s low cost of living, mild climate and stunning natural beauty.

senior man meditating or doing yoga at a lake in the mountains in retirement
16 Great Places to Retire in the Mountains

on February 6, 2024

Take a peek at these peak places piquing retirees’ interests in rugged adventures along with hints of big-city style, culture and entertainment.

Couple walking on a beach in Costa Rica
The 10 Best Countries for Retiring Overseas in 2024

and on January 9, 2024

Explore the possibilities, whether you dream of retiring among tropical beaches, mountain hideaways or culture-rich cities.

Sunrise over the beach at Padre Island National Seashore
12 of the Best Places To Retire in Texas

on December 28, 2023

The Lone Star State lures you with vibrant metropolises, beachside cities, forested rolling hills, stunning desert landscapes and a low cost of living.

Senior couple excited driving down the coast of Florida in retirement or on vacation
10 Lesser-Known Reasons To Retire in Florida

on December 18, 2023

See how more than sunny beaches and kissing snow and state income taxes goodbye entices retirees.

Senior man with camera looking at the Hoover Dam
13 of the Best Places To Retire in Nevada

on November 30, 2023

Besides bustling Las Vegas and Reno, many smaller cities and rural areas offer a slower pace of life, abundant natural beauty and an appealing sense of community.

Happy senior couple photographers in Arizona at Horseshoe Bend
10 of the Best Places to Retire in Arizona

on November 24, 2023

Retirement living choices abound in the Grand Canyon State’s big cities, small towns, forested mountains, sun-drenched desert and even a beach resort.

Female mechanic working on a car and doing auto repairs from below
9 Side Hustles Where You Could Earn More Than Full-Time Work

on November 18, 2023

You can be your own boss and achieve work-life balance even while playing video games or fixing cars.

older couple shaking hands medicare insurance loan
The 9 Biggest Reasons People Choose Medicare Advantage Plans

on November 8, 2023

Consider coverage, doctor choices, out-of-pocket expenses and your health needs when making the critical choice that’s right for you.

Uncertain retiree
8 Things People Lose After Retiring

on November 6, 2023

Get ready to restructure your life when retirement disrupts familiar work habits, roles and relationships.

happy couple with piggy bank
The 9 Most Common Types of Wealth for American Families

on September 8, 2023

Understanding your net worth can help you decide about saving, investing and managing debt. 

Hot and sweaty woman on couch overheating and using a fan to cool herself
How to Build Your Own DIY Air Conditioner in Minutes

on July 12, 2023

This cheap and easy homemade project will help keep you cool all summer.

Woman using laptop to do AI research
8 of the Best Ways AI Can Save You Money

on June 30, 2023

The easier it is to shop, the easier it is to spend, but AI-powered apps and chatbots provide personalized advice and recommendations so you spend wisely.

Man worried about retirement and bills
Here’s How Much Americans Think They’ll Need to Retire Comfortably

on May 3, 2023

While the amount older workers think they will need is unchanged, a survey reveals millennials’ expectations are even higher.

Happy woman with money
9 Millionaire Habits You Can Learn From

on April 29, 2023

Nearly anyone can become a millionaire by adopting seemingly cheap and simple habits, but too many get distracted and instead spend all their money and more besides.

Older woman shopping online at a confusing website with tricky sales tactics
5 Sneaky Ways Retailers Manipulate Shoppers Online

on April 14, 2023

Here’s how retailers make us spend more and share private information with them through their websites and apps.

senior woman studying information on her tablet or laptop
9 Social Security Terms Everyone Should Know

on April 6, 2023

How many of these key Social Security concepts do you know?

A doctor examines the eyes of an older patient
Here’s How Much Social Security Income Retirees Have Left After Medical Costs

on November 16, 2022

Out-of-pocket medical expenses for everything from Medicare premiums to eyeglass exams erode retirement benefits.

Relaxed senior sipping coffee
The Top 10 Financial Priorities for Baby Boomers Today

on November 14, 2022

Workers in this generation are focused on one money goal far more than any other.

senior couple dancing
The Top 7 Things People Plan to Do in Retirement

on June 28, 2022

See if your anticipation of retirement you have when young matches realization as a senior.

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