How to Save Up to 90 Percent on 9 Everyday Items

Sure, you love your stuff. Keep buying it, but don't get sucked into paying a premium when perfectly good alternatives are available at huge savings.

Everybody dreams of a dirt-cheap wedding, or getting a steal of a deal on a house, or having someone magically foot the bill for our child’s college education.

But for most of us, those are pipe dreams. The real way to save is to work hard at trimming the costs of more mundane purchases we make every day.

Following are ways you can cut costs on nine such buys.

1. Pets


Do you really need a purebred dog that costs $500?

As someone who grew up fantasizing about having a kennel full of Brittany spaniels, I won’t tell you purebred animals are overpriced. But I am asking why you need one.

If you aren’t planning to show your animal and simply need a loyal pet, there are probably plenty of dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs and rabbits at your local Humane Society chapter or animal shelter. And you might be surprised at the number of purebreds you can find there.

Best Friends Animal Society says you can expect to pay $50 to $200 in adoption fees. A $50 adopted dog saves you 90 percent over purchasing a $500 purebred pooch.

Plus, some shelters offer periodic adoption events in which fees are slashed. Others might waive fees if you’re willing to adopt an older pet.


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