18 Jobs That Are Most Likely to Be Killed off by Computers

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The Terminator is coming … for your job, quite possibly.

In an economy seemingly obsessed with automation, artificial intelligence, and self-driving this and that, millions of workers are at risk for being replaced by robots and artificial intelligence.

Money Talks News has documented this trend in stories like “10 U.S. Jobs That Are Disappearing Fastest” and “20 Jobs That No Longer Exist.”

The Brookings Institution also recently conducted an analysis across all economic sectors to determine which occupations are the most, and least, likely to be affected by artificial intelligence (AI).

Specifically, the nonprofit looked at scores that indicate how exposed a job is to AI applications in the near future, when compared to the average job.

So, jobs with negative AI exposure scores are less threatened by artificial intelligence than the average job, and jobs with positive scores — like the jobs in this story — are more threatened than average.

Following is a look at the positions that the institution found have the greatest relative exposure to artificial intelligence, meaning they are most vulnerable to AI.

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