4 of the Most Expensive Cars to Insure

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Don’t further inflate the expense of an already pricey car purchase.

Car insurance is another bill that stacks up your financial responsibilities and takes your hard-earned money.

Money.com, a digital finance magazine, recently compiled data from online insurance sources that noted which vehicles are especially cheap or expensive to insure. They found that luxury sports cars from brands like Maserati, Audi and Porsche were often the costlier options, with prices of more than $100,000.

However, Money decided those weren’t as relevant to mainstream car buyers, and instead limited its analysis to cars that cost “five figures — albeit the high five figures in some cases.”

Let’s see which of these cars are the most expensive to insure.

For a look at the cheapest cars to insure, on the other hand, see “4 of the Cheapest Cars to Insure in 2024.”

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S
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The Tesla Model S, an electric vehicle, can cost thousands more to insure than the national average car insurance cost — although prices vary significantly by insurance companies and other factors including where the driver lives.

Being younger can also raise the price of insuring the Tesla Model S (and many other vehicles), with the most expensive age being 20 years old.

Teslas are generally pricier to insure because of their repair costs. These vehicles are made up of more customized parts and technology, so they’re more difficult to take care of after an accident.

Tesla Model 3

Black Tesla Model 3
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As previously mentioned, Money.com explains that Teslas often cost more to insure because of their repair issues. Not only are the parts harder to come by, but not all service stations are trained in Tesla repairs.

The Model 3, also an EV, is cheaper, smaller and more fuel-efficient than the Model S.

Dodge Challenger

Black Dodge Challenger on a coastal road circa 2022
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The Dodge Challenger is a relatively inexpensive car (about $30,000). While this may sound great at first, it’s actually part of the reason they’re so expensive to insure. The low price tag makes this popular muscle car more accessible to drivers looking for a fast ride.

Dodge Challenger drivers in general tend to have riskier habits that affect insurance costs regardless of any individual’s driving history.

BMW 7 Series

BMW driving fast through a city street.
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Like the Dodge Challenger, the BMW 7 Series is associated with sportier, faster and more aggressive driving.

Unfortunately for all drivers of this vehicle, it also has a higher theft rate. BMW 7 Series cars made up about 19% of reported large luxury SUV thefts in 2020-2022 according to the Highway Loss Data Institute.

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