States With the Most Millionaires: Where Does Yours Rank?

The state at the top of this list is likely to surprise you.

Epic Cure /

No matter which state you live in, you may be rubbing shoulders with millionaires.

Some were born to family wealth, some earned their cold hard cash with no help from Mom and Dad, and some may have just gotten lucky.

Many of the world’s richest are famous, such as Bill Gates, President Donald Trump or Kylie Jenner. But many millionaires are relatively unknown. You might admire their fancy cars on the freeway, wonder how some people manage to travel so much or stroll admiringly past a gated mansion, never knowing who lives inside.

And you might be surprised by which states top the most-millionaires-by-capita list. Using data available through the end of 2017, Phoenix Marketing International compiled a list ranking all states and D.C. (No, the No.1 state isn’t California or New York.) Remember, this list doesn’t say which state simply has the most millionaires, but which has the most as a proportion of the state’s population.

Take a trip through the state-by-state standings here, starting with the state with least millionaires per capita. Including the District of Columbia, there are 51 spots in the ranking.

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