The 10 Fastest-Growing Jobs, According to LinkedIn

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The workplace is evolving, and so too are jobs. Nowhere is that more evident than in the titles workers have today. Employees may specialize in new fields or have job duties that didn’t exist a generation ago.

LinkedIn, a professional networking site, recently analyzed user title data from 2018 to 2022 to see which job titles had the most growth during the five-year period. The website excluded internships, interim roles and student positions as well as jobs where hiring was dominated by a small group of companies.

Researchers compiled their findings in the LinkedIn Jobs on the Rise list, and here are the fastest-growing job titles. Salary data comes from the LinkedIn list unless otherwise indicated.

10. Grant management specialist

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Potential salary: $46,000 to $98,000

Often employed by government agencies, grant management specialists are responsible for awarding grant funds to applicants and ensuring grant program requirements are met. Not surprisingly, LinkedIn found Washington, D.C., to be a top hiring location for this job.

9. Data governance manager

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Potential salary: $102,000 to $132,000, per

Data governance managers have a specialized IT role that involves ensuring an organization’s policies and procedures regarding data are followed. Adaptability is a key trait for those working in this field.

8. Growth marketing manager

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Potential salary: $60,000 to $132,000

These professionals — sometimes known as demand generation managers — are tasked with attracting new customers to a business and then leveraging those contacts for future sales. They may experiment with ad variations, create email campaigns and oversee referral programs. Nearly half of these jobs are available to remote workers, LinkedIn notes.

7. Advanced practice provider

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Potential salary: $121,000, per Bureau of Labor Statistics median salary data

Advanced practice provider is another name for advanced practice nurses, such as nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. These health care professionals have advanced degrees and training that allow them to perform many of the same tasks as physicians.

6. Sales enablement specialist

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Potential salary: $50,000 to $157,000

Also called sales operations assistants, the role of sales enablement specialists can vary, but they often aid sales representatives in addressing customer concerns and other issues. For instance, they may help with escalated calls and emails or work with high-priority clients. About half of these jobs can be completed remotely, according to LinkedIn.

5. Employee experience manager

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Potential salary: $78,000 to $133,000, per Glassdoor

Customers aren’t a business’s only concern. It also must ensure its employees remain happy if it wants to attract and retain top talent. The job of employee experience managers is to do just that. They may advise on employee benefits, listen to worker feedback and implement changes to create a positive work environment.

4. Truck driver

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Potential salary: $50,000 to $65,000, per

This is a career that needs no introduction. Commercial truck drivers transport cargo across the roads of a region or the nation.

According to the American Trucking Association, the trucking industry hauled more than 72% of freight transported in the U.S. in 2021, which helps explain the demand for truck drivers.

3. Diversity and inclusion manager

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Potential salary: $60,000 to $145,000

Nearly 80% of employees want to work for a company that values diversity, equity and inclusion, according to a 2021 CNBC/SurveyMonkey Workforce Survey. And in a separate survey, 42% of respondents told Gallup that whether a company is diverse and inclusive plays into their decision about whether to accept a new job offer.

So it’s no surprise that jobs for diversity and inclusion managers — who oversee workplace DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) initiatives — are growing.

2. Human resources analytics manager

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Potential salary: $42,000 to $122,000

Human resources analytics is a relatively new field in which data is used to make human resources decisions. For instance, managers may analyze data to determine employee turnover trends or the impact of policy decisions on worker productivity.

LinkedIn says people often transition into this role from data analyst, business analyst or human resources specialist jobs.

1. Head of revenue operations

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Potential salary: $156,000 to $251,000, per Glassdoor

Not only is this the fastest-growing job on LinkedIn’s list, but it also has the highest potential salary in the top 10.

Also known as chief revenue officers or heads of revenue management, these C-suite executives are responsible for overseeing a company’s revenue-earning activities and ensuring it meets growth targets.

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