10 of the Hottest Home Upgrades — and What They Really Cost

We tend to enter remodeling projects a little (or a lot) too optimistic about cost. Avoid an expensive surprise with this dose of reality.

Couple plans house designDragon Images / Shutterstock.com

Tempted to take down a wall, open up a space or otherwise give your home a facelift? Before you do, get an accurate picture of the cost. Don’t make it a money pit!

In a recent report, HomeAdvisor analyzed data gathered from surveying 1,012 homeowners to determine how much people expect to pay for remodeling projects and what the costs actually could be. According to their True Cost Report, some jobs could wind up costing four times as much as homeowners had thought.

Here are 10 of the most popular projects with dollar amounts for what homeowners anticipate spending on them and what they will most likely cost in the real world.

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