The Best Roadside Attraction to Check Out in Every State (and D.C.)

Slow down long enough to visit the nation's sometimes humorous, often bizarre, and always-worth-a-selfie roadside attractions.

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America is filled with fabulous museums, memorable historic sites and amazing restaurants, and when you’re on a good old-fashioned U.S. road trip, you should sample some of them all.

But there’s another not-to-be-missed tradition involved with traveling America’s highways and byways. Slow down long enough to visit the nation’s sometimes humorous, often bizarre and always-worth-a-photo roadside attractions. We’re talking about doughnut shops shaped like doughnuts, or the world’s largest vacuum cleaner, or a bronze statue of Mary Tyler Moore on the spot where she tossed her hat in her sitcom’s opening credits.

These spots — usually silly, but sometimes quite serious — offer perfect chances to snap a selfie, or a potential family holiday card. They’re fun to spot and make great places to pull off the road, park the car and stretch your legs, all while examining just how giant that giant Adirondack chair really is up close. And even better, they’re all free.

The next time you’re off on a road trip, be sure to check out a few of these all-American gems.


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