The Funniest Amazon Customer Reviews

At this time of year, online product reviews can be helpful. But we've rounded up a set of them — on everything from from banana slicers to UFO detectors — that are purely for laughs.

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As the holiday shopping season kicks into gear, it’s useful to read through customer product reviews on various websites. The unvarnished opinions and realistic descriptions let consumers know if a product lives up to its marketing, or is a waste of hard-earned cash. It can also be incredibly entertaining.

There are plenty of sharp-witted comedians out there, and product-review sites — especially on — provide them with a stage. Some reviews became such classics that the products associated with them sold out. Others mocked their topic so slyly that the product disappeared from the market.

Writing Amazon reviews has become an art unto itself, and sometimes reading them can be more fun than buying things on the shopping site. Here are 15 products that inspired such silliness — and some of the most memorable reviews:

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