America Has a New Favorite Dog Breed — for the First Time in 31 Years

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America has a new king of the kennel.

For the first time in 31 years, the nation’s top pooch is not the Labrador retriever. Instead, a new hound has taken the crown, according to the latest annual American Kennel Club rankings.

The rankings are based on the number of AKC registrations received for each breed in 2022.

Following are the top dogs.

French bulldog

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This dog breed’s popularity ranking: No. 1 in 2022 (up from No. 2 the prior year)

For years, the French bulldog has been rising in the rankings. After finishing 14th in 2012, it has steadily climbed to No. 1.

Contrary to their name, the French bulldog actually originated in England. However, it quickly became popular as a lap dog among middle- and upper-class people in Paris, which lead to the dog’s moniker.

Labrador retriever

Labrador retriever
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This dog breed’s popularity ranking: No. 2 in 2022 (down from No. 1 the prior year)

The Labrador retriever is a popular family dog because of its sweet disposition. It is known for being friendly and outgoing. Labrador retrievers are considered great family dogs.

They also have webbed toes that help make them excellent swimmers.

Golden retriever

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This dog breed’s popularity ranking: No. 3 in 2022 (same as the prior year)

Golden retrievers have a keen sense of smell and are good trackers. That has made them a favorite of search-and-rescue teams.

Two presidents — Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan — kept golden retrievers while in office.

German shepherd

A purebred German Shepherd dog
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This dog breed’s popularity ranking: No. 4 in 2022 (same as the prior year)

One of the most famous dogs in history — Rin Tin Tin — was a German shepherd. An American soldier fighting in World War I discovered the famous pooch in France and brought him home.

These dogs are among the smartest and fastest of them all.


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This dog breed’s popularity ranking: No. 5 in 2022 (same as the prior year)

Poodles also have a major claim to fame: First lady Jacqueline Kennedy owned a poodle named Gaullie as a youth. An ardent Francophile from her teen years, she named the pup after French President Charles de Gaulle, whom she admired for his resolve as a general during World War II, because the poodle “was straight and proud and had a prominent nose,” she said.

Poodles come with various hairstyles, with strict rules regarding their puffs and pompoms.


American Bulldog
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This dog breed’s popularity ranking: No. 6 in 2022 (same as the prior year)

Bulldogs are a top choice for those seeking mascots. Institutions from the U.S. Marine Corps to the University of Georgia have chosen the bulldog as an emblem.

Because they don’t require much exercise, bulldogs also are a top choice for people who live in the city.


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This dog breed’s popularity ranking: No. 7 in 2022 (up from No. 8 the prior year)

For millennia, few people have been brave — or foolish — enough to mess with a Rottweiler. The dogs are powerful and protective, which is why cattle herders used to put their money in a bag and tie it around their dog’s neck.


family with beagle dog
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This dog breed’s popularity ranking: No. 8 in 2022 (down from No. 7 the prior year)

The dog that is arguably the single most famous of all time — Snoopy — is a beagle.

The floppy ears that make beagles so endearing also serve a purpose. As beagle’s dip their noses to the ground, the ears help funnel scents into their nostrils.

Those ears also function as natural noise-canceling headphones, helping to muffle distractions so beagles can focus on the job at hand.


Pet dog wearing a bowtie as a waiter or butler costume for Halloween
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This dog breed’s popularity ranking: No. 9 in 2022 (up from No. 10 the prior year)

Modern art owes much to the dachshund. The breed was a favorite of both Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol.

In fact, Picasso’s dog — Lump — was said to be a major source of inspiration for the artist.

German shorthaired pointer

German shorthaired pointer
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This dog breed’s popularity ranking: No. 10 in 2022 (down from No. 9 the prior year)

German shorthaired pointers are high-energy dogs known for their hunting prowess. They also sport a speckled pattern that is unique to each individual dog.

This dog requires a lot of activity. Without it, these canines can resort to bad behavior, such as destructive chewing or excessive barking.

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