Where the Super-Wealthy Live: the Top 32 Cities

If you want to rub shoulders with the really, really rich, you should visit one of these 32 cities.

wealthyNejron Photo / Shutterstock.com

Some people aren’t just rich. They are super-rich.

According to research firm Wealth-X, there were 226,450 people who fit the definition of having an ultra-high net worth — at least $30 million — in 2016. Together, these “UHNW” have a combined wealth of $27 trillion.

Where do these ultra-wealthy people live? All over the world. Wealth-X issued a report listing the top metro areas with the most UHNW individuals living in them as of 2016. The report was for 30 top cities, but since there were a couple of ties, there are actually 32 entries on the list.

Here they are, starting at the bottom and work our way up to the city that is home to the most super-rich folks.


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