What To Do If You’ve Been Laid Off

With the national unemployment rate above 7% and expected to rise, more and more Americans are finding themselves out of work. And whether you become one of them or not, it certainly pays to have a plan if it happens to you.

“I’m a Mason by trade. I’ve been in the trades for about 25 years. And presently now there are no ads in the paper for Masons. Companies that I worked for years as supervisors and stuff maybe had 300 people working for them are now down to 5 or 6 people.”
-David Prim

That’s why David’s here at a job center. And whether you’re in his situation now or afraid you might be soon, there are steps you can take. Listen to the three T’s of finding work.

“The three Ts of a job search are technology, tenacity and technique. Technology is use the Internet. It’s the way things are going. Tenacity? Keep it up, keep it up, keep it up. Make looking for a job a full time job. And technique: make sure your resume is updated, make sure your interviewing skills are sharp, make sure you know how to dress for an interview, make sure your techniques are down.”
-Kelly Allen, Workforce One

And where do you learn? At places like this. This is a state-run job center. They’re nationwide, and they’re full of workshops, advice, networking opportunities, job fairs… and maybe most important, people who will help you feel less isolated.

“Everybody’s going through the same thing. I’m not different that you and you’re no different than me. As far as, you know, trying to find jobs.”
-David Prim

Bottom line? If you suddenly find yourself out of work, don’t freak out. Do, however, go to a place like this to use the resources they have available, network like crazy, and get on with it.

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