Suspected Package Thief Gets a Stinky Surprise

D.C. couple plan sweet (and smelly) revenge.

Suspected Package Thief Gets a Stinky Surprise Photo (cc) by katerha

A Washington, D.C., couple recently took sweet (and stinky) revenge on suspected package thieves.

According to Consumerist, three packages had been snatched from their front porch since October. The couple were fed up and retaliated in an unusual (and hilariously smelly) way.

The couple filled a box with their two pooches’ feces and put it on their doorstep as bait. They also had a video camera in place to catch the action.

“I had originally wanted to put a note in the box that said, ‘Surprise! Please stop stealing my crap,’” the woman told WJLA.

The camera captured video of a man taking the dog-poop-filled box. He walked up the stairs, picked up the package and left. The video is posted on YouTube.

Unfortunately, there’s no video of the man’s response to the dog doo-doo when he opens the box. But if there were, my guess is it wouldn’t be suitable to share.

Meanwhile, the couple are no longer having packages left at their door, Consumerist said.

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