Tax Hacks 2015: Here Are 15 Apps to Make Your Life Less (Income) Taxing

Smartphone users rejoice! There are plenty of apps to make preparing your tax return a little more bearable.

Tax Hacks 2015: Here Are 15 Apps to Make Your Life Less (Income) Taxing Photo (cc) by ben_osteen

Let’s take a moment to marvel at the wonder that is smartphones.

Sure, they may ruin our relationships and make us worse parents, but they can do so much good. They can save us money, make us money and, don’t forget, take some pretty swell photographs, too.

But seriously, despite the negatives that come from the seemingly inescapable need to check our phones every 45 seconds, smartphones really do have plenty of positives. Now that we’re into the tax season, Money Talks News finance expert Stacy Johnson has one more reason to love them. He’s compiled a list of the best smartphone apps to help you organize your records and file your tax return.

Check out his picks in the video below, and then keep reading for a couple of bonus apps as well as links to all of them.

Apps to get organized

Let’s start with the apps that help you organize your records. Your life will be easier if you use these apps throughout the year rather than trying to wade through a pile of receipts in January, but procrastination is a personal friend of mine, so I understand if you’re going the pile-of-receipts route.

Here are five apps to help you dissect your records and easily find what you need when filling in your tax forms.

  • Shoeboxed: Around since 2007, Shoeboxed provides a painless way to pull, categorize and store information from receipts. You simply send your documents to the company, and one of its workers will process and verify the information. The app works in conjunction with the Shoeboxed website and is compatible with other organizational tools such as Gmail and Evernote. A free version of Shoeboxed is available, but that requires you to self-process almost all your receipts. For $9.95 a month, Shoeboxed will do the heavy lifting and process and categorize up to 1,000 documents a month.
  • OneReceipt: For a totally free version of the same concept, try OneReceipt. Use your iPhone to take photos of receipts and then index and store the info. Android users are out of luck when it comes to an app, although they can still sign up for an account online.

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