The 10 Best Ways to Save on Your Royal Baby

The 10 Best Ways to Save on Your Royal Baby Photo (cc) by fruity monkey

Prince William and his wife Kate, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, have now added the newest addition to the royal family – it’s a boy.

CNN reported any baby born in the United Kingdom today will receive a special coin from the Royal Mint to mark the occasion – a silver penny in a blue or pink pouch.

While babies born here in the U.S. won’t receive anything special from the government to start their nest egg, their parents can start saving their own pennies right from the delivery room. Here are the 10 best ways to save on your little prince or princess.

1. Ask for free swag

Baby product manufacturers want your business from the moment your child is born. To get it, many stock hospital maternity wards with freebies, samples and coupons, hoping the nurses will hand them out to new mothers. But nursing is a busy job and passing out free binkies and diaper bags isn’t a top priority, so you may not get a goodie bag. If you don’t, ask your nurse and score free swag.

2. Host a hand-me-down party

Before my friend’s daughter was born, she threw a party at her home and asked other parents to bring their gently used baby gear instead of food or drinks. Some people arrived with trash bags full of barely-used or new clothes. She also scored toys, shoes, unused baby bottles and even a stroller.

Know other parents? Get them together, see what they’re no longer using, and get free stuff.

3. Shop secondhand

As an avid garage sale shopper, I see baby gear and clothes at nearly every garage sale I attend. Check out a few before you head to Target. And don’t discount thrift stores. If you’re willing to dig through the racks, you can find baby clothes with the tags still attached.

However, play it safe and check Parents magazine’s Toy and Product Recall Finder before using any secondhand product.

4. Get coupons in your inbox

Coupons can save you a ton on diapers and formula but new parents don’t always have time to root around for deals in the newspaper or on the Internet. Instead, sign up for manufacturers’ newsletters and automate the process – like:

5. Buy diapers in bulk

You’ll save money on diapers buying in bulk. For example, Target has a 92-pack of Pampers’ Swaddlers for $25.00, or $0.27 a diaper. Sam’s Club has a 162-count of Swaddlers for $39.98, or $0.25 a diaper. And you’ll save even more if you buy generic brand disposable diapers.

6. Get free samples from your doctor

Pharmaceutical companies and baby gear manufacturers stock doctors’ offices with free samples. Any time you visit your pediatrician, ask for samples. You could score free formula, ointments, lotions or medicines.

7. Choose double-duty

Many baby-related furniture pieces are dual-purpose. For example, you may want that gorgeous antique crib, but you’ll save money in the long run with a crib that doubles as a toddler bed when your baby grows.

8. Bring in an expert for shopping trips

The baby care aisles are overwhelming for new parents. If this is your first baby, don’t shop alone and end up buying the wrong things. Instead, ask a family member or friend with kids to shop with you. An experienced parent can tell you what you really need, what you can skip, and what brands to avoid.

9. Join online shopping clubs

Daily deal sites aren’t just for tech gadgets and restaurant gift certificates; you can find great deals on baby gear too. Just sign up (it’s free) for baby-specific sites like:

10. Don’t shop early

Finally, resist the temptation to “have everything ready for baby.” If you stock the nursery before the baby is born, you might end up with clothes that don’t fit and supplies you don’t need. Instead, just stock up on the basic necessities ahead of time and buy everything else as you need it.

OK, moms, now it’s your turn. What tips do you have for William, Kate or any other expectant or new parents? Let us know below or on our Facebook page!

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