The 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the US

Although America’s workplaces were safer in 2013, there are still a number of occupations where the risk of death is very real.

The 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the US Photo (cc) by USDAgov

You may jokingly say that your job is going to be the death of you. But there are actually occupations that have a high risk of fatal injuries.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ most recent figures, there were 4,405 fatal occupational injuries in 2013, compared with 4,628 in 2012. So overall, the workplace was safer last year.

The top five most dangerous jobs in the U.S. are:

  1. Loggers. With 91.3 deaths per 100,000 workers, logging is the most dangerous job in the country. Falling tree limbs and dangerous equipment are just a part of the workday. Despite safer equipment and procedures that may have led to the decrease from 128 deaths per 100,000 workers in 2012, logging is still dangerous work. In April, we told you that loggers also hold the dubious honor of the worst job for 2014.
  2. Fishermen. Severe fatigue and sudden, unpredictable storms make fishing a dangerous and deadly job. But switching to a quota system instead of rushing to catch as many fish as possible seems to be making the job safer. “In 2013, there were 75 fatalities per 100,000 fishermen — a 36 percent plunge from the year before,” CNN Money said.
  3. Airplane pilots. With 50.6 deaths per 100,000 workers, pilots have a hazardous job, especially pilots of smaller aircraft, CNN said. Severe weather and treacherous terrain are just a couple of the dangers.
  4. Roofers. “Burns from volatile tars and chemicals, electrocution from contact with exposed power lines, and injuries from falling tiles and other roofing debris are just a few of the risks roofers face each day,” CNN wrote. In 2013, 38.7 roofers died per 100,000 workers.
  5. Sanitation workers. It may surprise you that with 33 deaths per 100,000 workers, sanitation employees and refuse collectors actually experience more work-related fatalities than firefighters or police. Workers have been killed by other vehicles or by the garbage itself as it’s swept and compacted into the truck.

Mining machine operators, truck drivers, farmers and ranchers, power linemen, and construction workers round out the remaining occupations in the top 10 most dangerous jobs in America. Click here to read more about them.

What do you think about the jobs that made the top 10 list of the most dangerous jobs. Share your thoughts below or on our Facebook page.

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