The 3 Best Cellphone Carriers for Unlimited Data

The 3 Best Cellphone Carriers for Unlimited Data
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It’s Santa’s busiest time of year. While he’s working hard to prepare for the big night, we’re here to help him figure out which carriers have been good all year long. We’ve made our list, checked it twice, and, as far as unlimited data is concerned, these are the three carriers who have been very nice.


Since Visible first broke into the mobile market scene, they have been a favorite of ours. Visible, owned by Verizon, takes all the complications out of cellphone plans and gives you one simple unlimited plan at a low price. Visible has no storefronts, which they say allows them to pass on savings to customers.

With Visible, you get unlimited talk, text, 4G LTE high-speed data and hotspot with Verizon’s superior coverage, all for just $40/month. Not $40 plus a bunch of fees. Just $40.

US Mobile

US Mobile released their new unlimited plan just in time to make the nice list. With a base plan starting at just $40/month (plus $2 service fee), you’ll get unlimited talk, text and data, 50GB of which is high-speed data. From here, you can customize your plan. Pay just $10 more per month for 50GB of “Ludicrous” data, which just means they give you even faster data.


You might not think Verizon’s prices are very nice, but if you want excellent coverage, superb service and high speeds, it’s just really hard to beat Verizon. This year, Verizon replaced their old unlimited data plans with a set of new plans, including: Start Unlimited, Play More Unlimited, Do More Unlimited and Get More Unlimited. Each of these plans caters to a different type of mobile data user. For example, Play More comes with HD streaming for those who use their data to watch their favorite shows or movies, while Do More only comes with DVD-quality streaming but gives more full-speed data for online multitaskers.

You’ll find perks like free Apple Music and Disney+ with these plans and higher than industry-standard full speed and hotspot data allotments.

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