The Best Credit Cards for Rental Car Insurance

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If you rent a lot of cars throughout the year, you might want to try out a Citi credit card. Citi’s cards got top marks in WalletHub’s analysis of credit card rental car insurance policies.

Unfortunately, a lot of folks may be missing out on this benefit, whether it’s from Citi or anyone else. Only 47 percent of folks know about this perk, according to the WalletHub’s analysis.

WalletHub analyzed the rental car insurance policies of 64 credit cards, seeking to answer six questions:

  1. What vehicles are excluded?
  2. What other exclusions do the policies have?
  3. What is the quality of the coverage?
  4. How does one activate the benefit?
  5. How should claims be filed?
  6. How easy it is to obtain complete policy information?

The website then scored each credit card’s rental car insurance policy. The highest-scoring policies are those of the following cards:

  1. All Citi credit cards: overall score of 92 percent
  2. All Chase credit cards: 91.5 percent
  3. All USAA credit cards (except Rate Advantage Platinum Visa): 88.5 percent

WalletHub notes that Citi covers cardholders for up to $75,000 and 31 days. Both Citi and Chase also offer global coverage, whereas other issuers’ rental car insurance policies may exclude certain countries.

Of course, you don’t need to take WalletHub’s word for it. You can search for the best credit card for you by checking out Money Talks News’ credit card search tool.

Squeezing the most value out of credit card perks

When deciding how to pay for a rental car, first determine whether your own auto insurance policy covers you when you drive a rental car. If so, learn the extent of the coverage.

There is no point in choosing a credit card primarily because it provides great rental insurance coverage if your own policy already provides that.

If your car insurance policy excludes rentals, look to your credit card. Find out exactly what it covers so you can determine whether to decline a rental car company’s supplemental insurance policy. According to WalletHub, you must decline a rental car company’s supplemental insurance for your credit card’s coverage to apply.

If you’re in the market for a new card, a free online resource like Money Talks News’ credit card tool will enable you to quickly compare various cards.

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