The Best Verizon Phone Plans for 2022

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Verizon offers the most reliable coverage in the country, but it’s far from the cheapest provider. On average, Verizon cellphone plans cost $5 to $10 more a month than cellphone plans from AT&T and T-Mobile.

Let’s take a closer look at the best Verizon cellphone plans to see which are actually worth your money. Breaking it down by best overall, family plan and prepaid plan, these three Verizon plans will give you the most bang for your buck:

  • Best overall: Verizon Get More Unlimited Plan
  • Best family plan: Play More Unlimited Plan
  • Best prepaid plan: $65 Prepaid Plan

No matter which Verizon plan you choose, you’ll have access to Verizon’s awesome network coverage.

Get More Unlimited Plan: Best overall Verizon plan

Surprise! The best Verizon cellphone plan is also the most expensive option. Before you shut the idea down, there are actually a couple of perks that can justify the price.

For starters, the Get More Unlimited Plan includes the Disney subscription bundle, which includes Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+. That streaming package only would normally cost you $13.99 per month, so if you’re already a subscriber to those platforms, you can cancel your old subscription and put that $14 towards a better cellphone plan.

On top of the streaming perks, you get 30GB of mobile hotspot data, 50GB high-speed data cap and a free subscription to Apple Music.

The combined value of all the perks exceeds $90 per month, so if you want to get the best Verizon plan and offset some of your music and video streaming, the Get More Unlimited plan can be worth the price at $90 per month.

Play More Unlimited Plan: Best family Verizon plan

All Verizon plans get much more affordable when bundled together in a family plan, but that’s especially true with the Play More Unlimited Plan.

On its own, the Play More Unlimited plan costs $80 per month, but in a family plan with four or more lines, the price goes down to $45 per month per line.

You can cut your cellphone bill in half, and you still get access to all the perks that come with a higher-tier Verizon cellphone plan.

Specifically, the Play More Unlimited plan comes with the Hulu/Disney+/ESPN+ bundle with HD-quality streaming speeds.

But you can always get your per-line price to be even cheaper by going with a lower-tier Verizon plan. Here’s all your options for a Verizon family plan consisting of four lines:

$65 Prepaid Plan: Best prepaid Verizon plan

If you don’t want to be stuck with the bill on a family plan, you can save a decent amount of money every month by going with a Verizon prepaid unlimited plan.

As opposed to the $70 per month starting price for postpaid Verizon unlimited plans, you can get unlimited everything on a prepaid plan for just $60 per month.

The plan is supposed to cost $65 per month, but you can shave $5 per month off by enrolling in an AutoPay program that renews your service every month.

Over the course of a year, a prepaid plan will save you $120 over a postpaid plan. That’s enough money to buy yourself a new video game, a nice dinner, concert tickets or some other treat.

Here are your options for prepaid unlimited plans with Verizon:

Get an even cheaper plan on Verizon’s network

Even after all the discounts, Verizon plans still cost a chunk of change of every month. If you want access to Verizon’s network, but don’t want to pay Verizon prices, you can go with a smaller carrier that partners with Verizon.

You can get an unlimited plan on Verizon’s network for as cheap as $25 per month with a prepaid carrier like Ting.

The main catch with these carriers is that you don’t get the same perks you would from the major carrier (like hotspot data, streaming subscriptions, international calling), and your data speeds can throttle if the network is congested. If you can live with those obstacles, you’ll end up with a much cheaper cellphone bill.

Here are the most popular cellphone plans from MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators) who use Verizon’s network:

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