10 Cool New-Tech Things from the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show

10 Cool New-Tech Things from the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show Photo by Kobby_Dagan / Shutterstock.com

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show has come and gone, bringing on the scene a host of new gadgets you won’t be able to live without — at least, that is what their creators hope. In reality, most of the items on display won’t ever be for sale, or will end up a flash in the pan.

Here are 10 things that not only are super innovative but also could potentially find an application in our homes — not just fodder for the people geeking out at the CES in Las Vegas:

1. Razer’s Project Valerie

Razer / Money Talks NewsRazer / Money Talks News

You know those movies where the tech guy has half a dozen computers doing different things all at once? Now you can be that guy. The Razer Valerie is a laptop with three screens, so you could work, play a video game and watch YouTube at the same time. Or, one giant image could stretch across all three screens.

2. The Hypersuit

Hypersuit / Money Talks NewsHypersuit / Money Talks News

Bringing us a step closer to the world of the 2012 sci-fi novel “Ready Player One” is the Hypersuit, a full-body virtual reality suit to better immerse you in the VR experience. Hopefully, the reality of this technology is not as dark as the scenario portrayed in the book, but you might want to read it before jumping into a Hypersuit. Either way, VR is becoming a real thing for gaming and beyond.

3. PowerRay Underwater Robot

PowerVision / Money Talks NewsPowerVision / Money Talks News

Do you enjoy drones, but you’re ready to explore new frontiers? The PowerRay Underwater Robot may be the thing for you. It’s being marketed as a potential boon for fishing, since there is an add-on fish detector with a camera. The PowerRay can dive to 98 feet and detect fish as far as 131 feet below the drone, according to its makers.

4. Hair Coach

Withings / Money Talks NewsWithings / Money Talks News

Wonder if you’re brushing your hair correctly? Kérastase, L’Oreal and tech company Withings have developed a brush that can tell you just that. The Hair Coach will monitor how you brush, then tell you if you’re doing it right or breaking and damaging the hair. Additionally, it will monitor your overall hair health and give you feedback through a phone app.

5. Hi Mirror

Hi MIrror / Money Talks NewsHi MIrror / Money Talks News

Remember those old makeup mirrors that let you change their lighting, so you could see what the cosmetics would look like in day, night or office conditions? It just got a big upgrade. The Hi Mirror simulates multiple lighting conditions, sure. But it also monitors your skin and tracks the products you use on different days so you can tell which ones work best for you. It can sync with your smartphone to send you information about the day and give you advice on how to cope with different weather situations. And (if you dare) you can also sync it with a scale the company makes to track your body fat and other statistics.

6. Nurugo Micro

Nurugo / Money Talks NewsNurugo / Money Talks News

Now for the scientist on the go, there’s the Nurugo Micro, a 400x microscope lens that attaches to a smartphone. So if you ever have to do some quick molecular biology away from the lab, you’re all set.

7. Benjilock

BenjiLock / Money Talks NewsBenjiLock / Money Talks News

The Benjilock padlock uses your fingerprint as the key. You don’t have to worry about losing a physical key or forgetting a combination anymore. (Just don’t go losing your finger.)

8. Natufia Kitchen Garden

Natufia / Money Talks NewsNatufia / Money Talks News

Handy for people who want fresh produce but don’t have the backyard garden or climate to grow their own is the Natufia Kitchen Garden. About the height of a refrigerator and the width of a cabinet, it’s an automated garden you connect to water and power sources, and let it do the rest, so you’ve got organic herbs and other greens on hand year-round.

9. Smart Dog Collar

Jagger & Lewis / Money Talks NewsJagger & Lewis / Money Talks News

Turn your dog into Doug from “Up.” Sort of. The Jagger & Lewis Smart Dog Collar is a little like a Fitbit for man’s best friend. The collar monitors your pet’s vitals and sends updates to a smartphone app. The company says it will let you know if Fido is hungry, thirsty, stressed or just contentedly sleeping. So your dog won’t talk like Doug, but you might know his mood.

10. Toyota Concept i


Admittedly, this one is still a ways off. The Concept i unveiled by Toyota at the CES is a self-driving car, which can also be driven by a person, with built-in artificial intelligence (named Yui). The AI not only drives you where you want to go, but also does so while reading your emotions. It can then use that information to suggest a route, among other things. Toyota has a sales target date of 2030 for the car. We shall see…

What’s on your technology wish list? Do you think the devices on this list would improve your life? Share with us in comments below or on our Facebook page.

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