The Eagles Ban Cellphones During Their Classic Rock Concerts

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Turn off your smartphone and enjoy the show. That’s the rationale behind the Eagles’ ban on smartphones during their concerts. And if you don’t follow the phone rule, there are consequences to be paid.

After repeatedly trying to use her smartphone, despite several warnings to put it away, an Eagles fan was ejected from a concert in Michigan.’s John Serba said he watched the scene unfold.

Serba said the ban on cellphones is no joke.

The enforcement was rigorous. Ushers and security shined flashlights at people or doled out stern verbal warnings. It felt extreme, to the point where actions by staff were more distracting to concertgoers than any amateur photography or videography that might have occurred.

Fans wanting to sit back and enjoy the crooning of Don Henley without distractions have applauded the move. Melissa Ruggieri of wrote:

As someone who attends hundreds of shows a year, I appreciated the band’s mandate. It’s incredibly distracting having to dodge phones held aloft in an effort to get a glimpse of the stage and really, I don’t care about your Facebook status. And guess what? That light from your phone IS annoying.

But others, like Serba, don’t like the band’s anti-cellphone policy, which is enforced at every show. Serba said:

The Eagles’ uncompromising approach and near-militant enforcement of the rules ultimately feels clueless. A better approach might be for fans and band to use common sense and, you know, just take it easy.

According to, other bands, including Wilco, Neutral Milk Hotel and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, have instituted a similar ban on smartphones.

What do you think? Should bands be able to stop concertgoers from using their cellphones during shows? Share your comments below or on our Facebook page.

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