The Most Popular Cuisine in Alaska is Filipino. What’s Your State’s Favorite?

HuffPo and Yelp created a map detailing each state’s favorite cuisines. Some of the food choices may surprise you.

The Most Popular Cuisine in Alaska is Filipino. What’s Your State’s Favorite? Photo (cc) by ~MVI~ (warped)

America is the land of hot dogs, apple pie, greasy pizzas, and hamburgers covered in American cheese. But a new popular-cuisine map proves that our tastes go beyond standard American food.

When you think of the most popular cuisine in Louisiana, it probably wouldn’t surprise you that Cajun food tops the list. But did you know that Alaskans are particularly fond of Filipino foods, and the residents of Utah are hot for Hawaiian cuisine?

The Huffington Post recently collaborated with Yelp to create a map detailing the “most disproportionately popular cuisines” in each state. HuffPo details how it developed its favorite-foods list:

To get the data for the map, Yelp first calculated the percentage of total restaurants each cuisine represented in a given state. Then, it compared each percentage with the cuisine’s representation in restaurants nationwide. The resulting map, made by HuffPost, shows the cuisines with a disproportionate level of representation in each state.

Click here to see the U.S. cuisine map, then scroll down below the map to see the top five cuisines for each state.

Montana is a meat-and-potatoes state, plus we pride ourselves on raising delicious beef, so it’s no surprise that the most disproportionately popular cuisine here is steak. Montana’s other top cuisines are pretty boring: cafes, traditional American, diners, and breakfast/brunch, which seem to fit pretty well with other states in our region.

Talking about all this food is making my mouth water.

What was your state’s top cuisine? Share your thoughts below or on our Facebook page.

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