These 7 Jobs Aren’t Easy, but They Pay Big Bucks

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Are you looking for a job that pays a lot of green? High-paying jobs typically pay a big wage for a less-than-pleasant reason. For example, perhaps they’re high stress, or come with a risk component.

Or, as we’ve already noted, perhaps they are just dirty or smelly.

If a little dirt, danger, stress or physical labor doesn’t scare you, check out the careers that earned themselves a spot on’s “You’ll Hate These Jobs but Love the Money” list. We’ve highlighted a handful of the 15 jobs that made the list:

  • Dentist: If you don’t mind working in a career where your patients fear you and you’re hunched over checking people’s teeth all day, dentists’ median pay is $159,770.
  • Anesthesiologist: Dealing with patients in life-and-death situations pays well. An anesthesiologist’s average annual salary is about $280,000, but medical malpractice suits can easily put a damper on things.
  • Airline pilot: If you can deal with a high stress career and lots of time away from home, airline pilots’ median salary is $127,820.
  • Lawyer: Attorneys often work long hours, performing mundane tasks and spending a lot of time researching and preparing legal documents. But it has a median pay of $118,160.
  • Police officer: This stressful, dangerous and physically demanding job pays a median salary of $61,600, says GoBankingRates.
  • Construction foreman: Paid an average salary of $56,180 annually, a construction foreman often endures hard labor and uncomfortable weather conditions when working outside.
  • Coal miner: This is a dirty, dangerous job that can pay between $70,000 and $90,000, according to GoBankingRates.

Of course, there are a lot of other high-paying “dirty jobs” in addition to being a coal miner. Find out more in the story “20 Jobs That Will Pay Off If You’re Not Afraid of Dirty Work.”

What do you think of the jobs that made the list? Any surprises? Sound off below or on Facebook.

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