These Are the Cheapest Unlimited Cellphone Data Plans

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A lot of folks instinctively assume an unlimited plan costs way too much money (my dad, owner of our AT&T family plan, thought this way). While it’s true that the higher-tier unlimited plans can cost as much as $90/month, there are actually unlimited data plans that cost as low as $30/month.

If you’ve been flirting with the idea of an unlimited data plan for your cellphone but have been scared away by high prices, this article is for you.

Mint Mobile $30 unlimited plan

Mint Mobile’s $30 unlimited plan is the best deal in the wireless world as of writing this article. You won’t find any individual unlimited plans cheaper than $30 a month.

You’re probably wondering what’s the catch, and honestly, there’s only one. Mint Mobile uses T-Mobile’s reliable network to provide cell service, but Mint users can experience throttling data speeds during peak-usage periods. There’s only so much high-speed data to go around, and T-Mobile’s network will serve its own customers over Mint Mobile customers.

It shouldn’t be something you experience too often, but you might notice that you suddenly can’t refresh your Twitter feed while shopping at a crowded store. But if you have the patience for occasional slowdowns, Mint Mobile offers an incredible deal for unlimited data.

Reach Mobile $32.50 all-in unlimited plan

Reach Mobile currently offers a deal where you get its top-tier unlimited plan for 50% off for your first three months of service. You’ll only pay $32.50/month for unlimited data, HD-quality streaming and access to Verizon’s top-ranked coverage.

On top of those features, part of your cellphone bill contributes to a charity that helps bridge the digital divide, i.e., helping underprivileged people get access to free cellphones and internet. That’s what we call a win-win — you get an awesome unlimited-data cellphone plan for cheap, and you donate to charity at the same time.

Once your three months are up, you’ll need to pay the full $65/month for Reach’s unlimited plan. If you like Reach’s service but want to keep your cellphone bill low, you can switch to another Reach Mobile cellphone plan. The cheapest Reach Mobile plan gives you unlimited talk, unlimited text and 3GB of data. It costs $15/month.

Visible Wireless $40 unlimited plan

Visible Wireless costs a few bucks more than Mint Mobile and Reach Mobile (with the deal), but it’s arguably the best value option for unlimited data.

Visible costs $40/month, and your price will stay that way going forward, as opposed to Reach Mobile’s promotional deal. Visible also operates on Verizon’s network, which offers some of the best wireless coverage in the world.

You’ll still experience data throttling from time to time, like on Mint Mobile, but it’s possible you’ll experience less due to the fact that Verizon actually owns Visible. In summary, the whole Visible package gets you unlimited data for an affordable price on an amazing network.

Unlimited data on a family plan

The other route to get cheap unlimited data is by taking the family plan route. You can substantially decrease your payment per line when you get a family plan that includes at least four lines. For example, you can get unlimited data for as cheap as $21/month per line when you sign up for a family plan with US Mobile.

Or if you wanted to go with a major carrier, you could get the T-Mobile Essentials unlimited plan for as cheap as $26/month per line with a family plan with at least four lines.

It’s the same situation with basically every other wireless provider out there. If you can get a family plan together, you’ll always get a better deal on your unlimited data plan.

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