These Cities Boast the Most $100,000 Job Openings

Here's where you will currently find the most openings for jobs that pay six figures a year.

These Cities Boast the Most $100,000 Job Openings Photo by cdrin /

One logical way to land a six-figure salary is to look for employers that offer a lot of six-figure jobs. But another option is to look for cities that offer a lot of six-figure jobs.

Your odds of finding a gig that pays at least $100,000 a year are far higher in some cities than others, according to Ladders. The job-search website recently analyzed its database of high-paying jobs to identify the 15 cities with the most openings for six-figure jobs — as of this month.

So, if you’re ready to switch jobs to secure a bigger paycheck right now, look to San Francisco or New York City first. They top Ladders’ list, each boasting more than 30,000 job openings with six-figure salaries this month.

All of the top 15 cities are:

  1. San Francisco: 33,062 available jobs
  2. New York City: 30,782
  3. Washington, D.C.: 22,218
  4. Boston: 16,547
  5. Los Angeles: 15,438
  6. Chicago: 14,043
  7. Seattle: 11,910
  8. Dallas: 10,378
  9. Atlanta: 10,359
  10. Philadelphia: 9,712
  11. Denver: 7,414
  12. Houston: 6,313
  13. Minneapolis-St. Paul: 5,879
  14. Phoenix: 5,443
  15. Austin, Texas: 5,295

If you’re looking for a job in general, you may also want to try San Francisco or nearby San Jose. A May analysis by the job-search site Indeed found that those California metropolises have the hottest job markets in the country. Three other California metro areas also made Indeed’s top 10.

Just be wary of moving to San Francisco if you plan to retire soon and hope to live on your Social Security benefits in retirement. That city was recently ranked dead last based on the standard of living it offers to retirees relying on Social Security alone.

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