Tired of Being a Chauffeur to Your Kids? These Apps Can Help

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There are times when being a parent can feel more like being a chauffeur. Driving busy kids to and from school, sports practices, play dates and other activities can be exhausting and frustrating.

Now, you can safely transport your kids from place to place with just a few clicks. Although both Uber and Lyft have rules prohibiting children under the age of 18 from traveling on the ride-sharing services without a parent or guardian, a handful of ride-sharing and carpooling apps are designed with kids in mind. They include:


With this parent-created app, you can schedule a ride, child care or both for your kids. Kango’s drivers and baby sitters are fingerprinted and have undergone background checks. Available for iPhone and Android, Kango has a $9 per month introductory fee and a $16 minimum ride fare. Sitting services cost $15-$20 per hour for one child. Kango is available throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.


Created by three moms, this app — which is available for iPhone and Android — is a ride service for kids that allows parents to track their kids’ rides. Drivers for HopSkipDrive must pass a 15-point certification process before they’re allowed to transport children. The service is available in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Orange County. The pricing varies, based on location.

Carpool-Kids, Chaperone and Pogo

Carpool-Kids, available for iPhone or web use, enables parents to connect and schedule carpools. Chaperone, available for iPhone and Android, allows parents to request rides or a car pool from other parents. You can choose to pay for the ride or exchange a “token,” which is similar to an IOU, says DailyWorth.com. Pogo is a carpooling app that enables parents to meet and form carpooling circles to get their kids to and from activities.

These carpooling apps offer services available across the nation.

How do you transport your kids back and forth through the week? Have you tried any of the carpooling or ride-sharing apps we listed above? Share below or on Facebook.

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