Top 3 Simplest Cellphone Plans to Choose From

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There are way too many confusing cellphone plans out there. If you’ve ever talked to a salesperson at a cellphone carrier store before, then you know what I’m talking about.

Nobody’s got time to sort through tons of different cellphone plans and fuss about confusing contracts or data caps. So to make matters easier, here are three simple cellphone plans that are affordable and give you unlimited data, unlimited talk and unlimited text.

Mint Mobile Unlimited Plan

Mint Mobile offers one of the best deals out there for an unlimited cellphone plan. Mint Mobile is a prepaid cellphone carrier that uses T-Mobile’s network to provide cell service.

Since you pay in advance for your cellphone plan, you won’t need to worry about any extra fees or overage charges associated with a contract. You just use what you paid for, and then you can choose to pay for additional service.

Here’s the simplest way to take advantage of the Mint Mobile unlimited plan deal:

  • Buy three months of service at a time to get your cellphone plan down to $30 per month (and you won’t have to worry about paying again for three months)
  • Use the promo code SWITCH at checkout to get a free month of cell service.

All you need to do is set a reminder to pay for your cell service every three months. Rest assured you’re getting an amazing deal for a cellphone plan with unlimited data, unlimited talk and unlimited text.

Visible $40 Unlimited Plan

Visible wireless is another prepaid cellphone carrier that offers a simple solution for unlimited data, unlimited talk and unlimited text.

To make matters a little easier. Visible uses Verizon’s network to provide cell coverage for its customers, which just so happens to be the most reliable network in the country.

If the two things you care about most with your cellphone plan are affordability and reliability, Visible wireless is the perfect marriage between the two.

As opposed to Mint Mobile, you don’t need to worry about paying for three months at a time to get a better deal. Visible’s $40 will keep the same flat rate, and you can continue to pay monthly for your cell service.

Visible also offers an AutoPay feature so you can automatically purchase your cell service at the beginning of every billing cycle.

T-Mobile’s Essentials Plan

For those of you who want to stick with a major carrier and a postpaid plan, T-Mobile’s Essentials is one of the most elegant solutions out there. For $60 per month, you get unlimited data, unlimited talk and unlimited text on T-Mobile’s network.

Granted, T-Mobile’s most affordable unlimited plan isn’t nearly as affordable as those from Mint Mobile or Visible, but you do get all the perks that come with a major network, like:

  • Faster data speeds
  • Cellphone deals
  • Higher streaming quality
  • Automatic payments

Currently, T-Mobile’s Essentials plan is the most affordable unlimited plan from a major carrier. If you’re curious about what the most affordable cellphone plans look like from Verizon and AT&T, check out the list below:

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