Trump Announces His Exit from Stocks

The Republican candidate explains selling off his holdings: "I don't like a lot of things that I see."

Trump Announces His Exit from Stocks Photo by lev radin /

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump announced he’s pulled out of the stock market. In an interview with Fox News on Tuesday, Trump said he’d sold his stocks because he doesn’t like “a lot of the signs.”

He cited immigration, Syrian refugees and interest rates as the specific problems that are giving him pause.

According to a CNN story, Trump isn’t usually much for stocks to begin with. While he’s known for real estate deals – not to mention a TV show and placing his name on products – only about 8 percent of his holdings were in stocks to begin with. A separate story pegged the dollar amount of his stocks, bonds and funds at $172 million in May of this year.

Other stock pickers offer a mixed outlook for the market. CNN has reported Goldman Sachs is suggesting people get out of stocks over the next few months, while other money managers call American companies a good bet.

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