Using More Wireless Data? Here Are the 4 Best Hotspot Plans

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If you’ve been relying more on your wireless hotspot data over the past year, you’re certainly not alone.

Now that so many jobs have transitioned to being done remotely, many workers have found themselves wanting to use wireless data in places where there’s none to be found.

The only problem is that hotspot data tends to get expensive or run out quickly. Here are some of the best wireless hotspot offerings in the wireless world right now.

Visible Wireless $40 Unlimited Plan

Visible Wireless is a smaller network carrier that is owned by Verizon. Visible only offers one cellphone plan, and it comes with unlimited talk, unlimited text, unlimited data and unlimited hotspot data for $40 a month.

Before you get too excited, there are two big catches to be aware of when going with a smaller wireless carrier. The first is that your wireless data speeds can throttle at any time because Verizon’s network will give priority to its own users over Visible users.

The second is that your hotspot data will always cap at 5Mbps. That means you’ll have a hard time gaming, streaming or attending Zoom meetings with your hotspot data. But 5Mbps should be plenty for browsing the internet, sending messages and working out of your Google Drive.

T-Mobile Magenta Max Plan

Currently, T-Mobile’s Magenta Max Plan offers the most high-speed hotspot data of any unlimited data plan. You get 40GB of high-speed hotspot data, which is a whole 10GB more than what Verizon and AT&T offer on similar unlimited plans.

That being said, the T-Mobile Max plan costs $85 a month, making it tied with Verizon for the most expensive unlimited plan on the market.

Even after you run out of your high-speed hotspot data, you still can enjoy 3G hotspot data speeds. Admittedly, 3G data speeds won’t blow you away, but it’ll be enough to send an email or work out of a Google doc.

Along with the 40GBs of hotspot data, you also get 4K UHD-quality wireless streaming and unlimited data in over 200 hundred countries around the world.

AT&T Unlimited Elite Plan

If you want tons of high-speed hotspot data, so you can work, game and stream basically anywhere you get cell service, the AT&T Unlimited Elite plan hooks you up with 30GB of premium hotspot data (meaning, your data speeds won’t be capped like Visible Wireless).

The downside, of course, is that this is AT&T’s most expensive unlimited plan at $85 a month. But beyond the 30GB of hotspot data, you also get HD-quality wireless streaming, a free subscription to HBO Max and reliable network coverage.

Verizon Get More Unlimited Plan

Verizon’s premier data plan also offers 30GB of high-speed hotspot data, but it costs $90 a month. The perks are that you get access to Verizon’s top-notch network, high-quality streaming data, along with free subscriptions to Disney+, ESPN+, Hulu and Apple Music.

If you subscribe to those entertainment options already, then going with Verizon might actually save you some money, or at the very least, feel more affordable.

All in all, you’ll get 30GB of high-speed hotspot data on the most reliable network in the country. With Verizon’s coverage, you probably could bust out your laptop on some mountaintop and have the most impressive Zoom background ever, if you wanted to do that.

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