Want to Reach Someone 50 or Older? Don’t Send Them a Text

A new Gallup poll reveals that texting is the most popular way for Americans younger than 50 to communicate.

Want to Reach Someone 50 or Older? Don’t Send Them a Text Photo (cc) by Joi

You’ve probably heard parents grumble about their kids’ constant texting. But it’s not just kids who are sending and reading texts.

According to a new Gallup survey, Americans communicate differently based on their age, but texting is the dominant form of communication for people younger than 50.

“More than two-thirds of 18- to 29-year-olds say they sent and received text messages ‘a lot’ the previous day, as did nearly half of Americans between 30 and 49,” the survey said. The prevalence of texting dropped significantly among Americans 50 and older.

Americans age 65 and older said they most often use cellphones, landlines or email to communicate. But “this older group is generally much less likely than those who are younger to use any form of communication,” Gallup said.

The use of home landline phones is low, regardless of age, though it is highest in the 65 and older group.

Although landline use has dropped in recent years, a new report by Public Knowledge found that traditional phones still have a firm foothold in American homes.

“Even though many Americans have become ‘wireless only’ in recent years, a majority of Americans still have landlines at home and nearly half have both a wireless phone and landline,” the report said.

Of those who have both a cellphone and a landline, 65 percent reported making most of their calls from home on their landline. The respondents said they like their landlines’ reliability (82 percent), connection quality (73 percent) and the ability to use it during a power outage (45 percent).

The Public Knowledge report concluded:

“Old school” phone calling patterns are prevalent for many Americans. The landline telephone, notwithstanding the advent of wireless substitution, occupies a privileged place in the communication habits for many households.

I had a landline until about two months ago, and the only reason I got rid of it was because I had an issue with the phone company. I miss my landline, but I do love to text. It’s quick and I can do it at my convenience.

How do you like to communicate? Do you have a landline? Share your comments below or on our Facebook page.

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