10 Ways the Lazy Get Richer

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Aren’t you tired of having to jump through hoops just to save a little money? It’s tough, isn’t it? What with runaway inflation and all the financial pressures on you, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to sock away even a little bit for a rainy day.

What if it was easier, though? What if there was a way to save money that didn’t require you to bust your hump? Even better, what if you could save more without even trying at all?

It’s doable, you know. We’ve found a bunch of secret (or at least little-known) strategies for how to keep more money in your pocket without having to sweat over every cent. You don’t have to change your lifestyle, or clip a million coupons, or force yourself to follow some extreme budget. You really don’t! Keep reading if you don’t believe us.

Not all of these tips may apply to you, but some of them will, so make sure to read them all.

1. Don’t pay for home repairs

Home repairs aren’t cheap. Whether it’s a leaky roof or a broken appliance, your castle can quickly crumble and cost you hundreds, or even thousands.

Unless, that is, a home warranty company has your back. Example? First American will protect you from giant bills by covering everything from home appliances to electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling systems — even pools and spa equipment.

They also allow you to customize your plan, so you only pay for what you need.

When something goes wrong, just call First American, day or night. The company has a network of prescreened technicians and typically dispatches an independent contractor within 48 hours.

Hey, if you’re handy and like to repair stuff yourself, that’s obviously the cheapest route. But if that’s not you, a penny spent now could save you big bucks later.

Get your free quote in 30 seconds.

2. Get a test that could save your life

A simple health screening could be worth a lifetime. You see, cardiovascular disease and strokes are two of the leading causes of death in America. And 80% of them are preventable, according to the American Heart Association and the Centers for Disease Control.

There’s someone on your side, too. A company called Life Line Screening is the leading provider of annual screenings for risk of cardiovascular disease, strokes, and other chronic diseases. Screenings provide peace of mind or early detection, and both are a good thing.

Getting a screening is convenient and easy. Just go to Life Line Screening’s website and schedule an appointment at one of more than 14,000 locations across the U.S. The screenings are fast, painless and noninvasive. Results are posted in an online portal within a few days.

It’s not just about preventing death, either — it’s about saving money too. Strokes and cardiovascular disease are two of the leading causes of serious long-term disability, which would cost you immense money. Knowledge is power, and early detection enables you to take action before it’s too late. That’s why Life Line Screening has been trusted by more than 10 million customers since 1993.

These screenings are recommended for everyone over 40. If you’ve never gotten one, now’s the time. Schedule an appointment here to get 50% off.

3. Protect your pets for less

You have health insurance for your family, right? Of course, you do. Otherwise, an accident or illness could leave you bankrupt.

But what about your pets? They’re a member of your family, too. And just as with human healthcare, vet costs are also skyrocketing.

That’s where Pet Insurance comes in. With customizable plans and affordable premiums, you can ensure your pet gets the care they need without breaking the bank.

The best way to find the best coverage at the best price is to use a comparison site like this one, where you can clearly see various options from multiple companies, all on one page, along with expert recommendations.

Why gamble your savings on your pet’s health? Click here right now and see if there’s an affordable solution for your four-legged family members.

4. Save 10% to 30% on everything you buy

With the kind of inflation we’ve all seen over the past two years, everything is more expensive now. You’ve noticed this, right?

Let’s face it, shopping online is more convenient than going to a store. Plus, you’re more likely to find a deal, promotion or coupon code and quickly cross-reference prices at several different retailers to save money.

Want to make that process even easier? Try Capital One Shopping. This handy-dandy tool alerts you when a deal on an item you’re buying is available. Talk about effortless. All you have to do is add it as a browser extension, and it’ll search the internet for coupon codes to apply during checkout.

That’s not all. It also compares prices across the internet so you know if an item you’re purchasing is cheaper elsewhere. It’s free, and you don’t need to be a Capital One customer to use it. It’s just a friendly tool trying to save you money online. Find better bargains now.

5. Harness this secret source for discounts

Are you over 18? Then you’re eligible to save hundreds of dollars every year simply by joining AARP.

“What?” You say, “I thought AARP was for retired people.”

As it turns out, you don’t have to be 50 or older to join AARP. And members get discounts on hundreds of things, like:

  • Up to $200 per person off flights
  • Up to 30% off rental cars
  • Up to 15% off restaurants
  • Up to 20% off hotels

You’ll also save on eyeglasses, prescriptions, meal deliveries and lots more. And that’s not all. AARP offers a Fraud Watch Network, job listings, retirement planning tools, games, and tons of information, programs and resources.

Anyone trying to save money can’t afford not to join AARP, especially since the cost is as low as $12 per year with auto-renewal. You’ll likely recoup the cost in the first week.

6. Don’t pay to fix your car

The cost of car repairs is skyrocketing. One shop told Consumer Reports that a decade ago, their average repair was $1,600. These days, the average bill is $4,000.

Typically, a vehicle manufacturer warranty lasts three years. Yet the average car is around 12 years old. If you’re concerned about coming up with thousands of dollars for a repair bill, protect your investment with Endurance Warranty Services.

The company provides extended warranty plans of up to 36 months. Choose from at least six different plans, to get only the coverage you actually need, for cars up to 20 years old.

All their warranties include 24/7 roadside assistance plus rental car benefits while your vehicle is being repaired. For the first year, you’ll get the Elite Benefits program for free; this includes complete tire coverage, key fob replacement, a collision discount and a $1,000 payment if your car is determined to be a total loss.

Endurance has a network of thousands of ASE-certified repair shops. More important: Endurance pays the repair bill upfront. All you need to cover is the deductible.

ConsumerAffairs calls Endurance “a solid choice” for drivers of any age, and “particularly appealing” for those with older vehicles.

7. Slash your car insurance by up to $610

If you’re like most Americans, you’re probably paying too much for car insurance. But shopping around for a better deal is such a hassle.

Well, it used to be.

Now you can just check out Provide Insurance, the largest online marketplace for insurance in the U.S. Provide Insurance lets you compare quotes from more than 175 different carriers in minutes.

All you have to do is answer a few questions about yourself and your driving history. Then Provide will show you the best options for your needs and budget.

You could save up to $610 a year on car insurance by using Provide Insurance. That’s money you could use for other things, like investing, saving or paying off debt.

Don’t let your current insurer overcharge you. Try Provide Insurance today and see how much you can save on car insurance.

8. Score a $250 bonus from this high-interest bank account

If you’re banking at a traditional brick-and-mortar bank, you’re getting ripped off because your money isn’t growing there at all. They’re paying you puny amounts of interest because you’re paying for their overhead.

Instead, consider switching to an online bank like SoFi, which offers one of the highest interest rates we’ve ever seen — and they’ll give you a cash bonus just for signing up!

SoFi offers a combination checking-and-savings account, with the best of both worlds. If you set up direct deposit, you’ll earn a whopping 4.60% APY on your money, which is eight times the national average.

If you direct-deposit $5,000 in the first 25 days, you’ll get a $250 bonus. If you direct-deposit $1,000 to $5,000, you’ll get a $50 bonus.

Other cool features: You’ll get paid up to two days early. You’ll never pay overdraft fees or monthly fees. You can use 55,000 ATMs for free. You get free paper checks if you want them. Your deposits are insured up to $2 million. And you’ll earn up to 15% cash back using your debit card.

It’s time to leave your old bank behind and check out a smarter option like SoFi.

9. Make money and have fun with your phone

Whenever you’re killing time on your phone, you could be making money from these companies:

Blackout Bingo for iPhone puts a competitive spin on the classic game and pays real cash prizes. Put your concentration and strategy to the test in big tournaments and head-to-head matchups.

Branded Surveys has a user-friendly platform that allows you to complete surveys on any device. You’ll earn points for each survey completed, and points can be redeemed for gift cards, PayPal cash or sweepstakes entries.

Survey Junkie partners with market research companies to listen to your honest opinions and learn how you spend your time and money. You can earn as much as $40 monthly if you complete three surveys daily.

KashKick is a rewards platform that will pay you for completing specific tasks like trying a new app or game, taking surveys or watching videos. Survey payouts range from a few cents to a few bucks each, so your earnings add up quickly.

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