5 Ways to Get Senior Discounts on Cruise Trips

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Millions of people set sail on cruises every year looking for a stress-free way to see the world. After all, your food, lodging and entertainment are generally bundled into one neat package. All you have to do is book and board.

For those cruising into retirement age, time at sea can be a dream vacation — but it gets even better. Travelers who are 50 or older have access to “senior” discounts on cruises.

Following are several ways that older travelers can land a discount on a cruise vacation. For more ways to save on your next getaway, cruise on over to our travel deals page.

1. Book with Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival offers senior fares for passengers age 55 and older.

Visit Carnival’s “Cruise Deals for Seniors” webpage. There you’ll find a calendar with the available discounted trips. You can filter these discounts by date, departure port, destination and other factors.

After you select the cruise you want to take and then indicate the number of rooms you want and the number of passengers traveling, you’ll reach a “Tell Us About Yourself” page. Check off the “55+ years old” box and continue through the online booking process.

2. Book with Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises offers discounts to customers who are at least 55 years of age.

The amount you save varies by trip. To see if your itinerary is eligible for a discount, call a Celebrity Cruises adviser or book through the cruise line’s website. A spokesperson tells Money Talks News that the discount will automatically appear online once you add your birthday information.

Note that if another promotional offer or lower rate is available for that trip, the booking system will override the “senior discount” to give you the better savings.

3. Book with Royal Caribbean International

This cruise line offers discounts to travelers age 55 and older, though a representative for Royal Caribbean International tells Money Talks News that discounted rates “vary depending on season and availability.”

Visit RoyalCaribbean.com to book your cruise online. As you go through the checkout process, you can see if you qualify for a senior discount.

When you get to the step that asks for the number of guests, click “See if you qualify for exclusive rates.” A pop-up will open that lets you select the kind of discount you want. Select “Seniors (Age 55+)” and click “Continue.”

4. Join AARP

You can start enjoying discounts as early as age 50 when you become an AARP member. Simply book a trip online through the AARP Travel Center powered by Expedia.

For a limited time, you can earn up to $1,000 in onboard credit for select trips with major cruise lines. The credit will appear in your onboard account on the second day of your cruise. To claim your onboard credit and review eligible itineraries, visit the AARP Travel Center and log in to your AARP account.

AARP members can also grab cruise discounts through travel companies that partner with AARP. They currently include Collette and Grand European Travel.

5. Join AMAC

Once you’ve reached age 50, you can also join the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) and save big on travel and lodging.

AMAC partners with cruise lines to offer discounts, bonuses and free upgrades to its members. Participating cruise lines include Carnival, Crystal, Norwegian and Royal Caribbean International. For more information or to book your discounted cruise, visit TravelPerks.com/AMAC.

Have you scored senior-only savings on a cruise? Tell us about your experience below or on our Facebook page.

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