Xfinity Offering Free Premium Content for a Week

Xfinity TV customers are in for a free treat through April 9 -- but you don't need cable TV to save money on your favorite shows.

Xfinity Offering Free Premium Content for a Week Photo by gpointstudio /

Watchathon Week has arrived for anyone who is an Xfinity TV customer.

From Monday, April 3, through Sunday, April 9, Xfinity customers can access programs from networks that generally cost extra. Xfinity, a service of Comcast, describes it as “the binge-watching event of the year.”

Aside from Watchathon Week being available only to Xfinity TV customers, there is no catch to this freebie. Of course, getting hooked on a new show could cost you if you opt to upgrade your Xfinity service so you can keep up with the show. So binge-watch at your own risk.

If you aren’t an Xfinity TV customer — or if you’re one who wants even more free viewing options — check out “17 Places You Can (Legally) Download or Stream Free Movies and TV.”

If you’re trying to ween yourself off of cable or satellite TV and replace it with cheaper streaming options, start with “How to Cut the Cable TV Cord in 2017.” The story details how one of our writers reduced his monthly TV expenses from more than $100 to $45.30:

“… I’m here to tell you as a veteran cord-cutter that it’s well worth it. I haven’t had cable TV for almost three years and I can honestly say that I don’t miss it. I no longer have to buy bundled packages of cable channels to get just a few shows that I really want. …”

Lastly, if you enjoy Comcast’s TV offerings but just wish they were cheaper, check out “Comcast to Offer Streaming TV Starting at $15 a Month.”

What’s your favorite way to watch TV? Let us know why by commenting below or on over our Facebook page.

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