10 High-Paying Part-Time Telecommuting Jobs

10 High-Paying Part-Time Telecommuting Jobs
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If you’re a recent college graduate — or perhaps someone looking for a second job to supplement income — you can find a part-time job that offers remote working options and good pay.

According to FlexJobs, a part-time telecommuting job can be a perfect fit for new college grads.

Working part-time from home lets you earn income, gain experience, and still find time to focus on a strategic search for a full-time role. It also helps you save money by not having to spend any on commuting, buying and cleaning professional dress clothes, or lunches or coffee out every day.

FlexJobs compiled a list of 10 part-time jobs or side gigs that are well-suited for recent college grads and offer the following:

  • Part-time hours, ranging from five to 35 hours per week
  • Ability to work mostly or completely from home
  • Pay that more than doubles the federal minimum wage

FlexJobs says these 10 high-paying side gigs are worth a second look, especially if you’re a new college grad. Most require the skills and experience common to recent college grads.

  1. Marketing consultant or specialist: Median hourly rate of $34.57
  2. Writer: $20.34
  3. Interpreter: $19.24
  4. Copy editor: $18.42
  5. Gaming technical support representative: $17.70
  6. Proofreader: $17.49
  7. Community manager: $17.46
  8. Tutor: $17.28
  9. Image reviewer: $16.47
  10. Social media specialist: $16.28

How to get a part-time telecommuting job

If you’re on the job hunt, make sure you’ve put together a winning resume. For example, using keywords from the job description in your resume is a great way to get yourself noticed. In “12 Tips to Building a Resume That Gets You Hired,” Money Talks News contributor Allison Martin writes:

Read the job description to determine how your skills match the qualifications the employer lists. Then emphasize those details in the summary of your work experience, skills and accomplishments. That will get a hiring manager’s attention.

Job experts also recommend you proofread your resume for errors and make sure you’re clear and concise. Martin writes:

A resume is not your life story. So cover the important information and keep it brief. The appropriate length depends on your work history.

What do you think of the professions included in FlexJobs’ list of high-paying side jobs? Share below or on Facebook.

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