10 States With Free or Cheap College Tuition

10 States With Free or Cheap College Tuition Photo by Andresr / Shutterstock.com

The price of college hit a new record high in 2016, outpacing the growth of inflation, income and financial aid. To help students afford a college degree, New York state will soon offer free tuition at all 64 campuses of the State University of New York.

According to NPR, the free tuition program, known as the Excelsior Scholarship, is open to full-time students who attend the state’s two- or four-year public schools and whose families make no more than $100,000 per year. That income level will increase to $125,000 by the program’s third year.

A large majority of Americans — 62 percent, according to a 2016 poll — believe a college education should be free for anyone who wants to attend.

Rhode Island is also considering a proposal to make tuition free for in-state students for two years at public colleges, CNN Money reports. But unlike in New York, Rhode Island’s program is open to all in-state students, regardless of income.

In addition to New York and Rhode Island, these eight states either offer free or incredibly cheap tuition for students. All tuition figures are based on a CNBC report:

  • Oregon: Recent high school grads or GED recipients who meet certain criteria can get their tuition paid for at Oregon’s community colleges through Oregon Promise, a state grant program.
  • Tennessee: High school seniors can score two years of tuition-free education at Tennessee’s community and technical colleges through the state’s Tennessee Promise program.
  • Wyoming: Wyoming’s average in-state tuition and fees total $5,060.
  • Florida: $6,360
  • Montana: $6,410
  • Utah: $6,580
  • New Mexico: $6,620
  • Nevada: $6,910

College costs in the U.S. are some of the highest in the world. Check out “11 Countries Where College Is Cheaper Than in the U.S.”

Are you looking for a way to slash the cost of attending college? You can get great tips on filling out the FAFSA, looking for scholarships and more in “5 Ways to Dramatically Reduce the Cost of College.”

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