10 Travel Products That Save You Time and Money

10 Travel Products That Save You Time and Money Photo by Ariwasabi / Shutterstock.com

Planning a trip soon, or during the upcoming holidays? You’re in luck: We’ve rounded up 10 innovative products to make life on the go a little bit easier and more comfortable.

1. Travel sleep masks


Want to get a little shut-eye on the plane, train or passenger seat of a car? For a soft, lightweight, contoured sleep mask try NEWVANGA Sleep Mask, 3-Pack. Made with an opaque, high-density memory foam, the molded cups block out light without smudging eye makeup or compressing the eyelids. They even maintain their shape after folding.

2. Digital luggage scale

Dunheger Digital Luggage ScaleDunheger / Amazon

No more worry over the weight of souvenirs! With today’s airline weight regulations, a digital luggage scale can help save you hundreds of dollars in baggage fees. The Dunheger Digital Luggage Scale is a compact model that allows you to measure the weight of your suitcase prior to arriving at the airport. It weighs in pounds and kilos.

3. Collapsible water bottle

Kemier Collapsible Silicone Water BottleKemier / Amazon

It’s important to stay hydrated when traveling. But why waste money on disposable water bottles when you can refill this high-capacity, leakproof, BPA-free water bottle at your convenience and collapse it when you’re done for easy storage? The Kemier Collapsible Silicone Water Bottle is dishwasher-safe and available in four colors.

4. Memory foam travel pillow

Dot&Dot Twist Memory Foam Travel PillowDot&Dot / Amazon

Travel pillows are a must on a long flight or road trip. The Dot&Dot Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow takes your comfort to the next level. Unlike most traditional travel pillows, this convertible, machine-washable memory foam pillow contours “to almost any shape and position you want to provide you personalized support and pain relief.” In addition to the neck, it can be used to support the head, shoulder, back and legs.

5. Waterproof travel shoe bags

YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags Set of 4YAMIU / Shutterstock.com

Protect your clothes and accessories from soiled shoe soles with these handy travel bags. The YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags Set of Four includes two standard-size shoe storage bags and two extra-large ones. Made of durable, lightweight, waterproof nylon, these bags help keep your garments clean so you won’t have to interrupt your vacation with a trip to the dry cleaner.

6. Compression socks

Physix Gear Sport Compression SocksPhysix Gear / Amazon

Unfortunately, you can’t increase the amount of leg room in a coach airplane seat. But you can help combat swelling and dangerous blood clots (deep vein thrombosis) that might develop during your flight with Physix Gear Sport Compression Socks. Designed with gradient compression.

7. Leak-proof travel containers

ZOADLE Travel Bottles Set for LiquidsZOADLE / Amazon

The cost of travel-sized toiletries can really add up. Plus, the packaging often ends up in landfills. Save time and money shopping for disposable shampoo, conditioner and lotion — and help protect the planet — with the ZOADLE Travel Bottles Set for Liquids. These reusable, TSA-approved, BPA-free travel containers come in a set of five wide-mouthed bottles of varying colors and sizes for the aforementioned toiletries, plus sunscreen and body wash.

8. Travel electronics organizer

Jelly Comb Electronics OrganizerJelly Comb / Amazon

You won’t have to worry about replacing lost electronics with the Jelly Comb Electronics Organizer. This waterproof travel organizer has plenty of space to accommodate your “cables, USB drive, cellphone, charger, mouse, kindle, mini tablet and other accessories,” the manufacturer says. It’s available in a variety of shades, including an easy-to-spot orange trim!

9. Travel wallet that keeps your identity safe

Defway Travel WalletDefway / Amazon

The Defway Travel Wallet is a water-resistant travel wallet that has room for cash, credit cards, boarding passes, a pen, a removable keychain and up to four passports. Plus, “built-in RFID-blocking material safeguards your personal information against identity theft.” (Without protection, thieves can scan these radio-frequency identification chips to get your passport photo, passport ID number and more.)

This travel wallet even has a pocket for your cellphone and a removable wristlet strap for extra security.

10. Personal mini humidifier

Fancii Cool Mist Personal Mini HumidifierFancii / Amazon

If the dry winter months irritate your nasal passages, you need a portable humidifier! The Fancii Cool Mist Personal Mini Humidifier “converts a standard-sized individual water bottle into a moisture-producing water tank,” according to the manufacturer. So, you can breathe easy wherever you’re headed. Includes an adjustable timer.

Do you know of more great travel items? Share your tips in comments below or on our Facebook page.

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