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I began my writing career more than 20 years ago, and have written for Money Talks News since 2015. My work has appeared on MSN, CBS Moneywatch, Yahoo Finance and Bankrate, among others.

Guests at an outdoor party
17 Products for Outdoor Entertaining That Cost $50 or Less

on May 24, 2023

Upgrade your outdoor gatherings with these affordable Amazon finds.

warehouse club
13 Ways to Squeeze the Most From Your Costco Membership

on May 23, 2023

Even longtime Costco members may not know all of these tips.

Daughter giving a gift to her mom
15 Mother’s Day Gifts Any Woman Would Love

on May 9, 2023

From kitchen tools to shiny jewelry, these gifts are guaranteed to bring a smile to Mom’s face and warmth to her heart.

Happy mother with daughter on Mother's Day
11 Things You Can Get for Free in May

on May 1, 2023

Spring is in the air, and so are these great deals.

Friends playing a card game
8 Card Games That Everyone Should Own

on April 24, 2023

These Amazon finds can ramp up the fun with family and friends.

Friends entertaining at home
8 Great Products for Entertaining at Home in 2023

on April 13, 2023

We’re serving up a list of essential Amazon finds for hosting your next get-together.

Happy woman with fast food french fries
7 Things You Can Get for Free in April

on March 31, 2023

Spring is blooming, and so are these exciting offers.

Family at home watching movies
8 Essential Products for Homebodies

on March 28, 2023

If you like to spend a lot of time at home, you’re going to love these Amazon finds.

Foodie in her kitchen
8 Must-Have Products for Foodies

on March 15, 2023

These Amazon finds are perfect for anyone who loves cooking, eating and entertaining.

Friends eating pizza
11 Things You Can Get for Free in March

on March 6, 2023

Spring is right around the corner, and exciting offers are beginning to bloom.

Woman kissing dog
8 Products You Will Use Every Day

on February 28, 2023

We’ve rounded up an array of Amazon finds that will make daily life better.

Woman taking cellphone selfie with her dog
15 Great Accessories for Your Cellphone

on February 14, 2023

We’ve rounded up a list of products on Amazon that can help make your smartphone even more intelligent.

Woman sitting at a desk at home
8 Purchases for People Who Sit at a Desk (for Any Period of Time)

on January 31, 2023

These Amazon finds are a must, regardless of where your desk is located or how long you sit there.

Woman eating frozen yogurt
12 Things That Are Free in February

on January 30, 2023

If your heart is set on grabbing a great bargain, you’ll fall for these freebies in February.

Older couple using a tablet
15 Products That Make Retired Life Better

on January 26, 2023

Whether you’ve been retired for a while or plan to stop working soon, these Amazon products have you covered.

senior couple on exercise bikes at gym
13 Things Retirees Can Get for Free — or Almost Free

on January 11, 2023

There are many ways to get cheap or free services and goods after reaching a certain age.

Woman on exercise ball
14 Products That Make It Easier to Get Fit

on January 10, 2023

Amazon reviewers give high marks to these tools that can help you get in shape without a gym.

Woman eating pizza
12 Things You Can Get for Free in January

on January 3, 2023

It’s time to embrace the new year— and several new freebies.

Christmas tree pine needles swept up with a broken ornament
7 Alternatives to Tossing Out Your Christmas Tree

on December 29, 2022

Don’t just trash your used evergreen. Here’s how to give it a life that extends well beyond the holidays.

Flu Season Is Raging: Here Are 6 Tips to Stay Healthy for Free
Flu Season Is Raging: Here Are 6 Tips to Stay Healthy for Free

on December 19, 2022

Flu season is getting nasty. But taking these simple, cost-effective steps can reduce your risk of getting sick.

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