11 Things NOT to Buy on Black Friday

11 Things NOT to Buy on Black Friday Photo (cc) by ShardsOfBlue

This post comes from Marcy Bonebright at partner site DealNews.

Make no mistake: Black Friday will be full of killer deals. But while stellar sales on wine and cars may surprise and delight you, there are some items that only see minor discounts, or no discounts at all. Black Friday sales are time-sensitive, so wasting precious minutes looking for a deal that may not appear could make you miss a killer doorbuster.

In the interest of keeping you on track, we’ve rounded up 11 product categories that consistently underperform during Black Friday.

Whether it’s furniture deals you should have grabbed in the summer or gift cards that’ll be cheaper in December, read on to discover the items that Black Friday forgot.

1. Home and patio furniture

It’s rare for a product category to go almost completely ignored on Black Friday, but such is the case with furniture. In fact, many high-end furniture shops don’t even hold Black Friday sales. This is because most retailers heavily discount these items in the warmer months, with home furniture seeing a huge spike in deals in July and August, and patio furniture clearance sales dominating in August and September.

2. Chocolates and flowers

It is perhaps unsurprising that gifts like chocolates and flowers don’t see much in the way of deals during Black Friday. The perishable nature of these treats makes them better suited for purchase close to a gift-giving holiday.

While we did see a small spike in these deals during the 2013 Black Friday season, overall November 2013 saw the fewest offers in this category all year. Instead, wait to buy your flowers and chocolates closer to the biggest romantic gifting days of the year — Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

3. Exercise equipment

The holiday season is a minefield for calorie counters, so buying a treadmill during Black Friday may feel like prudent planning. But our research shows you’d be better served by waiting a few weeks. While we do see a decent number of sporty deals during Black Friday, November is overall among the worst months to make a purchase in this category.

However, December consistently sees an uptick in both the quantity of exercise equipment offers and the quality. Last year, almost 30 percent of December sports deals were hot enough to be marked Editors’ Choice, compare that with just 15 percent in November.

4. Airfare and vacation packages

Despite hotel sites offering superior discounts on Black Friday, this just isn’t the time to book a flight or plan a vacation. Over the past three years, a dismal 11 percent of Black Friday airfare deals were marked Editors’ Choice during the shopping holiday, and only 8 percent of vacation packages earned the distinction. Those averages are virtually indistinguishable from the numbers we see throughout the rest of the year.

Instead, plan travel of any sort in January, as that month typically boasts a higher number of deals.

5. Brand-name smart TVs

Black Friday made its name on killer TV prices, but that doesn’t mean every TV sees super deals during the shopping holiday. Premium smart TVs usually hang out at the top of the price spectrum anyway, and these in-demand sets are less likely to see doorbuster discounts during Black Friday.

So when should you look for one of these sets? Brand-name TVs tend to see better prices after the Consumer Electronics Show (held every January in Las Vegas), when manufacturers reveal their TV lineups for the new year. That said, in 2013 the best 55-inch name-brand TV deal came in September, and it was 10 percent cheaper than November’s best deal.

6. Gift cards

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